Team Obama Uses Puerto Rican Flag To Push Obama’s Plan

Organizing for America wants all their peeps to push out Obama’s marvelous, stupendous, world changing, er, miniscule 5 page plan (6 if you count the cover page) to all the people they no longer want to be friends with. On the 5th page they used the…..Air Force symbol, which, I guess they can sort of be forgiven for. Here’s the foolishness on the last page

Why, yes, that is the Puerto Rican flag. Yes, the country is a Commonwealth of the United States, but, one would think that the people who work for The Smartest President Evah!!!!!!® would understand the difference between the two flags. It’s not like Democrats would make stupid mistakes, like using Russian ships and Turkish planes at the DNC, use foreign troops on a webpage talking about supporting the US military, and others.

BTW, Team Obama finally has the 20 page glossy time share plan Obama agenda out. It’s as lame as you’d think.

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2 Responses to “Team Obama Uses Puerto Rican Flag To Push Obama’s Plan”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    It is high about time that we came up with a plan to put people to work in some form of something like, oh, I don’t know, maybe doing something associated with shovels? Could call them, maybe, “shovel-ready” jobs. you know, people who have government shovels and are able to be put to work doing government works for the sake of the public good??

    I understand that 2TRILLION dollars is not enough to hire anyone, but maybe the quarter-million from Afghanistan spending will finally do it.

    But then, I guess Puerto Ricans are willing to do it for cheap. You know, how Obama sees illegal workers. Cheap easy temporary voters, errr… I mean labor.

  2. I’d suggest we put Obama voters (moochers) to work with said, what did you call them? ….shovels, however, I’m not sure that they are qualified to use them, nor if they can be trained in the proper usage.

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