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Protests In Belgium And Sydney: Weird How The Pseudo al Qaeda Banner Showed Up

We already know about the protest in Sydney went: signs about beheading those who insult Islam showing up, held by a young child. Interesting, this also showed up in Sydney Yeah, he has the “behead” sign. Notice the headband, though. And the flag behind him. And the headband on the guy to the left. Seem […]

Obama: “We Reject The Denigration Of Religion”

Obama turned what was a decent Weekly Address, dealing with the deaths of the diplomatic personnel in Libya, into idiocy with one short paragraph This tragic attack takes place at a time of turmoil and protest in many different countries. I have made it clear that the United States has a profound respect for people […]

If All You See…

…is a planet killing plastic water bottle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Pundit and Pundette, with a post about …. yard sales for Obama? Oh, and below the fold you’ll find another attempt to earn a fatwa, or at least to be banned in a Islamist country. Or […]

Goracle Blames Cold Weather On Globull Warming

It must be nice to own a few mcmansions, drive in convoys, and take lots of fossil fueled air travel. And crack. Lots of crack (Al’s Journal) “Over the past several months, extreme weather and climate events in the form of heat waves, droughts, fires, and flooding have seemed to become the norm rather than […]

EPA Demands People Use More Food For Fuel

Hey, can you guess who thinks that using food for fuel is a Bad Idea? The New York Times. Obviously, the ministers at the Central Department Of Environmental Truth feel differently. And, instead of going through the legislative branch, you know, that pesky creation of the Constitution given lawmaking ability, here comes another “rule” from […]

Surprise! Pakistan Interior Minister Asking Interpol To Ban On-line Anti-Islam Material

You’ll remember that the Muslim bloc of nations amongst the UN Human Rights Council have attempted to pass a “defamation of religion” resolution multiple times that would make it a crime to defame Islam and Mohammed, and have tried other routes at the UN since 1999. Hillary Clinton sympathized. And we’ve seen Mr. Obama and […]

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