Protests In Belgium And Sydney: Weird How The Pseudo al Qaeda Banner Showed Up

We already know about the protest in Sydney went: signs about beheading those who insult Islam showing up, held by a young child. Interesting, this also showed up in Sydney

Yeah, he has the “behead” sign. Notice the headband, though. And the flag behind him. And the headband on the guy to the left. Seem familiar?

Let’s head to Belgium (sorry about the Press TV link, being owned by the Iranian government. Only source with a photo)

Nearly 120 people have been arrested in the Belgian city of Antwerp after clashes broke out between the police and protesters demonstrating against an anti-Islamic film made in the United States.

On Saturday, protesters in Antwerp were chanting slogans against the United States and burned a US flag before the clashes broke out.

Hey, what’s this?

Interesting. Not too surprised by the Palestinian Keffiyeh showing  up, but, check the flag in the background.

In the top picture, that is the flag of al Qaeda in Iraq. The other flags are and headbands in both pictures are similar to those flown and worn by al Qaeda, proclaiming “there is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet”. Isn’t it strange how this supposed “grassroots” and “spontaneous” demonstration, starting coincidentally on September 11th, sees so many carrying and wearing al Qaeda style (and specific al Qaeda) flags and headbands in Sydney and Antwerp? As well as throughout so many parts of the world where demonstrations were held? In Amsterdam it looks like they are hold a Taliban style banner (Taliban uses black letters on white background) Either this was planned, or there are a lot of Muslims who purchase al Qaeda style flags and headbands. Or both.

Meanwhile, Professor Glenn Reynolds says Obama should resign immediately for directly violating the Presidential Oath of Office.

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8 Responses to “Protests In Belgium And Sydney: Weird How The Pseudo al Qaeda Banner Showed Up”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Oh come on Teach. They have the right to the freedom of speech. Our constitution guarantees everyone in the world that right.

    And Teach, since “he who is too silly to name” has not shown up of late, I’ll point out that Obama inherited this mess. And without his leadership, it would have been much worse.

    He single-handedly saved the flag business (in Iraq). He even turned around the Embassies from one of pure political purpose to one of cultural blending and international religious awareness. Do you really think we could promote peace and respect with all of our allies with guns and bullets?

    See, thanks to Obama, these young people are free to express themselves about their anger and despair at their plight heaped upon them by Romney and Bain Capital. If it was not for Obama, these freedom-fighters would have been arrested by the evil right wing rulers of their countries.

  2. To quote Glenn Reynolds “Heh!”

    But, don’t forget, this is all about some video, rather than the insanity of Islamism.

  3. Wildthing1 says:

    One thing of which I am certain. This type of behavior woukd NEVER happen in the US. For various reasons, yes. The most obvious being that these idiots would be running for their lives, very quickly. I have no doubt that were this to happen on an American street it would quickly turn into a melee. With many dead Muslims.

  4. Let’s hope not, Wildthing1. Unfortunately, with the way Liberals tolerate the actions of the Islamists, the Islamists may well feel that they can get away with this type of activity soon in the future.

  5. Wildthing1 says:

    Haha. You’re wrong. I’m left of center I would call it. But I just can’t imagine any red-blooded American holding back. Really. If the behavior of these idiots enrages me to the point that I’d like to shoot first, and forget the questions, they have a problem. What I think is that most Muslims in America believe, either rightly or wrongly, that they are just moments away from being lynched. I believe their fears are unfounded for the most part. Can’t get everyone to use his words all the time though. I am certain, however, that if the Sydney unrest were to happen here, people would lose their minds. It’d be bad.

  6. Gumball_Brains says:

    Patrick. I am sorry for you. You obviously have gone through some traumatic things in your life. So bad in fact that you feel that the US Constitutional protection of the right to the freedom of speech should be abrogated for anyone you feel offended by.

    And, I feel sorry for America because you may vote. And your highly ignorant and intolerant mindset nullifies mine (should you vote).

    To actually believe that Reynold’s, and those who agree with his viewpoint in the post, blames Obama for the world-wide furor and assassinations is beyond psychologically explainable.

    We hold Obama and his administration responsible for actually not protecting our overseas American diplomats. We hold him responsible for not protecting the rights of speech of Americans here. He pushed, or allowed, federal and local law enforcement officials to haul a citizen in to an authoritative building for the sole reason that he was expressing himself.

    And, that for days after these assassinations, this administration was still clueless about who, what, when or where. Their only response was to send their press attack dogs against his political opponent for daring to question him.

    You sir, while trying to portray yourself as reasonable, have proven how anti-American you are. If you do not hold up the values of the US Constitution or the rights of its citizens, and defend tyrannical actions by those in power, then you are not one of its defenders.

  7. Gumball_Brains says:

    Hey,… is that Princess Leia in the top photo, middle?

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