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2nd Man Captured In Killing Of Brian Terry

Guess what name is never mentioned in the article? (CBS News) Mexican federal police announced Friday that they have arrested a suspect in the killing of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, the slaying at the center of the scandal over the botched U.S. gun-smuggling probe known as Operation Fast and Furious. Jesus Leonel Sanchez […]

Oops: Smugglers Selling A/C Coolant Tied To Hotcoldwetdry

The NY Times has been on a big kick the past few months about how evil air conditioning is. I’m still waiting for them to simply turn their own A/C off and party like it’s 1499 with the windows open. And here’s another! The chief executive of the century-old company from America’s heartland shifted nervously […]

If All You See…

…is snow caused by an abundance of greenhouse gases, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Sundries Shack, with a post on the recovery that isn’t.

Snap! Sunspots Do Impact Climate

I think you can forgive me for using “Snap!” Been awhile, and this article deserves it (via Climate Depot) (Washington Times) Scientists have been studying solar influences on the climate for more than 5,000 years. Chinese imperial astronomers kept detailed sunspot records. They noticed that more sunspots meant warmer weather. In 1801, the celebrated astronomer […]

Obama Mails It In For Weekly Address On September 11

It’s actually a very nice remembrance, right up till we get to the end 2nd paragraph, and completely at odds with his immediate thoughts on September 12, 2001 (White House) This week, we mark the eleventh anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  It’s a time to remember the nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children […]

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