Snap! Sunspots Do Impact Climate

I think you can forgive me for using “Snap!” Been awhile, and this article deserves it (via Climate Depot)

(Washington Times) Scientists have been studying solar influences on the climate for more than 5,000 years.

Chinese imperial astronomers kept detailed sunspot records. They noticed that more sunspots meant warmer weather. In 1801, the celebrated astronomer William Herschel (discoverer of the planet Uranus) observed that when there were fewer spots, the price of wheat soared. He surmised that less light and heat from the sun resulted in reduced harvests.

Earlier last month, professor Richard Muller of the University of California-Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project announced that in the project’s newly constructed global land temperature record, “no component that matches solar activity” was related to temperature. Instead, Mr. Muller said carbon dioxide controlled temperature.

Could it really be true that solar radiation — which supplies Earth with the energy that drives our climate and which, when it has varied, has caused the climate to shift over the ages — is no longer the principal influence on climate change?

Consider the accompanying chart. It shows some rather surprising relationships between solar radiation and daytime high temperatures taken directly from Berkeley’s BEST project. The remarkable nature of these series is that these tight relationships can be shown to hold from areas as large as the United States.

Hmm, so, there is a big link between solar activity and climate. Let’s look at that chart

As the authors, Willie Soon and William M. Briggs (see the end of the article for their qualifications) point out, no such relationship can be ascertained when saying that CO2 is the primary driver of climate. It can’t. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, so, according to Warmist doctrine, as it goes up, temperature should go up with it. Yet, it hasn’t. Which is of course why Warmists are now blaming cold and snow on a greenhouse gas.

Make sure to read the entire article.

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5 Responses to “Snap! Sunspots Do Impact Climate”

  1. Orson Snow says:

    I was just re-reading the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz and currently Odd Hours. Odd Acopolypse just came out, and I want to be current.

    Anyway, in Odd Hours, Koontz makes a point to note that the level of warming on Earth matches the same on Mars, almost exactly. He, also, throws zingers into most of his books addressing the falacy of AGW. It’s refreshing. I believe he’s mostly Libertarian, as is really noticeable in his very early novels. But, he never turns away from an opportunity to poke liberals with a stick in an indirect and usually humorous way.

    I just thought I’d point out that he’s one of the most widely read fiction authors who points out that the sun is doing most (if not all of the work). It’s an asside to this post, Teach…but true nonetheless.

  2. I’ve surprisingly never gotten around to reading the Odd Thomas series, despite being a big Koontz fan. I’ll have to check it out.

    But, he’s quite right. But, that’s not something you’ll ever see from Warmists or the MSM.

    Another good book is The Last Centurion by John Ringo, who tears apart Leftists beliefs, including globull warming.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    I just got the series and really want to start it.

    Hey guys, since when did we have scientists 5,000 years ago? And according to the silly person who shall not be named, the Earth is about 6,000 years old.

  4. I just started…..another zombie book. Oh, well.

  5. Gumball_Brains says:

    Wait, what is with all this “reading” crap?!?! I thought we learned all that we needed to learn, or were entitled to learn, at our public schools?

    I tell ya, this just ain’t right. This could lead to knowledge and self-enlightenment. We can not have that at all. Not at all. The actual chosen president of the ununited states said that we have far too much information going around and it should be his party’s job, and position, that they should decide who is allowed and legally obligated to dispense worthwhile and licensed information. Otherwise, it is just way, way, way too much for a normal person to comprehend.

    Like these sun and sunspot stories that are going around. Or should I say fanciful rumors. They say that the sun, that is very far away (farther than the moon is from us) has some sort of impact upon our global temperature. We have been told time and time again by the federally-licensed and federally-funded government agency that it just isn’t so.

    See, this is the kind of rumor and innuendos that need to be squashed and punished by those who are more learned than we mere serfs.

    Get over it people. Burn those heresies before the NOAA secret police (those armed with assault weapons and ammo) come and arrest you for contraband materials and treason.

    Be patriotic my dear friends. I implore you. Throw away your individuality, your will for freedom, and embrace the oneness.

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