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Bummer: Kiribati Man Denied “Climate Refugee” Status

Total bummer (HuffPo) (Climate refugee) has primarily been an academic debate until now. New Zealand immigration authorities have just refused refugee status to a man from the drowning island country of Kiribati. The 36-year-old man sought refuge in New Zealand from climate change related harm, saying on his application that he fears for his children’s […]

If All You See…

…are empty chairs preparing for Obama’s petulant blamestorming speech, you might just be a Conservative The blog of the day is DaTechGuy, who takes on the notion that Dems really know how to throw a convention.

Sorry, Warmists, DNC Just Doesn’t Care About You Anymore

Yesterday I noted that Grist is really bummed over the lack of climate change (hoax) discourse at the DNC abortionfest. Alas, it’s worse than they thought (Daily Caller) Though the 2012 Democratic Party platform declares that the “national security threat from climate change is real, urgent, and severe,” it is apparently not urgent and severe […]

Anderson Cooper: Debbie Downer Lives In “An Alternate Universe”

Y’all have certainly read about the brouhaha at the DNC regarding the vote to put God and Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol back into the Party abortionfest platform (more on that at the end of this post, except for the Right Wing News crosspost, since John has already covered it). But, what does Debbie Wasserman Schultz […]

Snort-worthy Clinton: “Are We Where We Want To Be? No”

Well, it’s certainly better off not having a president who sexually harasses women, was credibly accused of rape, impeached for lying to a federal grand jury (along with suborning testimony), and had stuck a cigar in the hoo-ha of a girl young enough to be his daughter. Instead, we have a president who, um, really […]

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