Sorry, Warmists, DNC Just Doesn’t Care About You Anymore

Yesterday I noted that Grist is really bummed over the lack of climate change (hoax) discourse at the DNC abortionfest. Alas, it’s worse than they thought

(Daily Caller) Though the 2012 Democratic Party platform declares that the “national security threat from climate change is real, urgent, and severe,” it is apparently not urgent and severe enough to merit mention by speakers at the Democratic National Convention during the past two days.

The Daily Caller reviewed the speech transcripts of the over 80 speakers who took the stage at the Time Warner Cable Arena here in Charlotte on Tuesday and Wednesday, and only one mentioned climate change — and even he only mentioned it in passing.

“Thanks to President Obama, America is laying the foundation for the way we power tomorrow,” said Tom Steyer, co-founder of the Advanced Energy Economy trade association, in one of the early and therefore likely least watched speeches to the convention Wednesday.

“Gov. Romney’s road to the future will lead to dirty air and increasing climate volatility, uncertainty over energy prices, and less security, not more,” Steyer continued. “President Obama’s road to the future will lead us to energy independence, energy security, a safer and cleaner environment, and countless new jobs that can never be outsourced.”

As The DC’s Jamie Weinstein points out, that’s as close as it gets to the climate change hoax, “climate volatility”. Because weather never happened before 1980 (or, pick whatever year the Warmist wants to use).

..the words “climate change” appear in the document (DNC platform) 18 times.

So, that’s 17 times more than God. And certainly a whole lot less than “abortion”, “choice”, etc. I’d like to say I can’t blame them for ignoring the fake issue, since people aren’t terribly thrilled over the prospect of higher energy prices, higher food prices, higher costs of living, reduced energy availability, more government control of their lives, and more taxation, all to do….well, something. Dems can certainly see what has happened, and still going on, in Australia since the passage of their AGW legislation. The Aussie Labor Party is in deep, deep doo doo for passing the legislation. But, then, if Dems are willing to yammer on constantly about abortion, you’d think they could go for AGW, too.

Tom Nelson provides 5 quotes you won’t hear from Obama tonight regarding climate change. And Reason points out that  Dem voters love “choice” for abortion, but not so much when it comes to choosing a lightbulb (h/t Valentine Cotton)

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4 Responses to “Sorry, Warmists, DNC Just Doesn’t Care About You Anymore”

  1. Dana says:

    Can I opt for “uncertainty over energy prices” under Mitt Romney, as opposed to the certainty that they’ll skyrocket under President Obama?

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    Dana, if the Socialist\Anarchists have anything to say about it.. you won’t have a choice. I am so fearful of riots nov 6.

    “Gov. Romney’s road to the future will lead to dirty air and increasing climate volatility,

    OMG.. that’s the funniest thing. To claim that electing Romney will THEN cause climate to become “volatile”??!?! What is a volatile climate???

    Remember people, climate is not what you experience for a year or two. climate is many decades to a century scale.

    so, to claim a volatile climate within a year, shows how idiotic ignorant and stubbornly bone-headed they are.

    And to see the flip-side, they are claiming that Obama stopped climate volatility. Is that an even worse statement?

  3. Friday morning links…

    Is High Speed Rail Irrelevant? Introducing MRUniversity (spread the word) Honduras Signs Deal to Create Private Cities Zombies: How the Left Captured Academia, the Media, and Other Organizations Liberals Claim Food Stamps as One of the Great American…

  4. I’m with you, Dana. We know what Obama’s plan will do, and is doing.

    Didn’t you know that Obama stopped the rise of the oceans, GB? There’s been virtually no measurable sea rise in the last 4 years! Because he’s the lightbringer.

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