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Obama Thinks You’re Stupid: Pushes Algae For Fuel

He does, he really does (Via The Lonely Conservative) (Washington Examiner) President Obama admitted today that he does not have a “silver bullet” solution for skyrocketing gas prices, but he proposed alternative energy sources such as “a plant-like substance, algae” as a way of cutting dependence on oil by 17 percent. “We’re making new investments […]

Good News! Pa. Judge Totally Cool With Assault On Zombie-Muhammed

Guess the religion of assaulter (WHTM) It almost sounds like the makings of a joke: an atheist, a Muslim and the Mechanicsburg Halloween parade. But non-believers aren’t laughing about an attack and insist what’s really frightening is the way a district judge ruled on it. The Atheists of Central Pennsylvania decided to walk in the […]

If All You See…

…is an ocean that will rise up and swallow Florida, you might just be a Warmist Something new I’m going to add daily, working my way through my blogroll and other blogs blogrolls: The blog of the day is Zilla Of The Resistance.

Ron Paul Would Consider Judge Napolitano As V.P.

As Jonn Lilyea points out, this should be a nail in Paul’s coffin (WND) Paul was asked the question about whom he would like on a White House ticket with him at a recent public meeting, and he said, “One time somebody asked me who I’d have to consider and the name Judge Napolitano jumps […]

This ain’t Hell On U.S. Vs Alvarez

I’d usually provide a link in the sidebar “Quick Links” widget, but, this is a big issue, namely, people being able to wear military medals they didn’t earn, ie, Stolen Valor. Head over to This ain’t Hell for some in-depth reporting from the Supreme Court.

Warmist DeSmog Blog Deems Heartland Doc “Authentic”, Fail To Consult Dan Rather

Megan MCardle has the perfect quote “When skeptics complain that global warming activists are apparently willing to go to any lengths–including lying–to advance their worldview, I’d say one of the movement’s top priorities should be not proving them right” And they will go to any lengths to protect their religion A line-by-line evaluation of the […]

Six Takeaways From The Arizona Debate

Whew! Last nights debate, the 220th one during this primary season….what? It was only number 20? Seems like 220. Anyhow, it came and went, and Politico’s Maggie Haberham breaks it down with six takeaways 1. Rick Santorum didn’t get it done The evening could have been Santorum’s moment to move the needle in his favor, […]

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