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Thin Skinned President Re-Launches A Re-Branded “Attack Watch”

This is Obama’s version of “if you see something, say something,” except, in this case, they aren’t referring to watching for actual people who have designs on say, blowing up an airplane with a crotch bomb or coming across the border illegally, no, my friends, POTUS is more concerned with people saying stuff about POTUS. […]

Mostly Peaceful Oakland Occupiers Burn American Flag Again

It’s the 3rd time they’ve done this, occurring on Saturday the 11th Oakland police say a woman and a man were taken into custody late Saturday just after about 50 protesters peacefully marched from a plaza. See, most were peaceful, just a few got violent. Like at ever Occupy demonstration. (via The POH Diaries thru […]

If All You See…

…is an evil cow warming the atmosphere, you might just be a Warmist

Children Won’t Know What Schools Look like

It’s so terrible! Snow has blanketed the Oklahoma City area Monday morning, and more snow is possible in central Oklahoma as many schools and colleges are delaying or canceling classes Monday. Oklahoma City, Putnam City and Edmond schools will be open, however. Damn that globull warming!

Obama Chief Of Staff: Catholics Can Give It Up, We Have Spoken

General Secretary Obama has spoken (CBS News) President Obama’s top aide addressed the latest controversy over contraception coverage, saying on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Sunday that the latest iteration of the new rule, which was announced Friday, will go forward. “We’re going to go ahead and implement it,” White House Chief of Staff Jack […]

Obama’s Budget Can Be Seen As “Borderline Delusional”

Those aren’t my words, but those of Politico writer David Rogers He ran on hope, governed through despair and now, with his election-year budget, President Barack Obama is trying to light the old spark, fleshing out a political narrative for America that can inspire with its romance but also seem borderline delusional to his critics […]

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