UN To Solve All The Worlds Problems With “Sustainable Development”

Sustainability was one of the ideas the United Nations and the extreme environmentals and Warmists ran up the flag pole about a year and a half ago as a way of replacing what they had been attempting to do with “climate change,” namely, put massive amounts of control over people and private businesses, economies, along with draining huge amounts of capital from the private sector and moving it to the public sector, letting governments decide best how to use the money people use. Unshockingly, a UN panel is pushing this same notion in order to change the world, and Warmist Richard Black is there to tell us about it

(BBC News) Growing inequality, environmental decline and “teetering” economies mean the world must change the way it does business, a UN report concludes.

Health and education must improve, it says. Subsidies on fossil fuels should end, and governments must look beyond the standard economic indicator of GDP.

The High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability was established in 2010 by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

It was launched because fewer and fewer people where buying into the anthropogenic global warming guano.

It is being launched in Addis Ababa by its two co-chairs, Finnish President Tarja Halonen and her South African counterpart Jacob Zuma.

“With the possibility of the world slipping further into recession, policymakers are hungry for ideas that can help them to navigate these difficult times,” said Mr Zuma.

“Our report makes clear that sustainable development is more important than ever given the multiple crises now enveloping the world.”

See? It’s so simple, we’ll simply do away with GDP, redistribute wealth, and all sit around on farms reminiscent of the 5th century digging in the mud while our lords and masters sit in their castles deciding what is best for us.

Sustainable development is simply another version of the Left’s call for fascism, same as the climate change hoax is. I suppose we can also think about it in terms of Soviet style communism, where there was an all powerful central government full of the elites dictating everything, right down to whether you are allowed to have salt and trans-fats, how you can run your business, and how much bread will be available. People are docile when they are standing in food lines for hours. This is the kind of idiocy that creates worthless products like the Chevy Volt, which limits our ability to move around to a small area. These people are true “watermelons”: green on the outside, red on the inside

The report – Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing – includes 56 recommendations that would, if implemented in full, have profound implications for societies, governments, and businesses.

Governments would build the true environmental costs of products into the prices that people pay to purchase them, leading to an economic system that protects natural resources.

Goods would be labelled with information on their environmental impact, enabling consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

And even more based on “environmentalism”, natch, climate change controls. They’d do away with all subsidies for fossil fuels, because they are eeeeeevil, and, magically, real world prices would stay low, but, hey, even if they rise exponentially, it’s for our own good. They Know Better.

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3 Responses to “UN To Solve All The Worlds Problems With “Sustainable Development””

  1. Mike says:

    This is a direct result of or is tied directly to the UN Agenda 21. “Sustainable Development” is also called “Smart Growth.”

    I bet if you looked it up on your local county or city web page, you’d find where it’s been introduced and passed as a local ordinance or building codes regulation. They might even have a separate department just for that. I looked it up for our county and it’s there…has been for the last couple of years.

    Goes to show what can happen if one doesn’t go to every single county council meeting. But also, sometimes these measures are passed in executive council meetings that are closed to the public.

  2. […] William Teach from The Pirate’s Cove brings our attention to a subject that I and other bloggers have been harping on for years. It’s called “sustainable growth” or sometimes “smart growth.” Pretty innocuous names, right? […]

  3. Quite true, and it is just another case of creeping fascism in attempting to monitor and control our lives from these Leftists, who never quite realize that they themselves are going to be subject to the same control. They always think Someone Else will pay the piper.

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