Bummer: Globull Warming To Flood District Of Columbia

I’m failing to see the problem with this. Via Junk Science who links to a study

The city of Washington, District of Columbia (DC) will face flooding, and eventual geographic changes, in both the short- and long-term future because of sea level rise (SLR) brought on by climate change, including global warming……

Of course, it cannot have anything to do with nature, as we learn in the introduction

Global warming is the result of increasing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gasses, mainly because of human activity.

Um, D.C. has an average height of 150 feet above sea level. Even considering that, the base of the Washington Monument is still 30 feet above sea level. The base of the capitol building is 88 feet above sea level. These Warmists really think you’re stupid. And let’s not forget that D.C. has been, in fact, swamped many, many times for long periods in the past. It is basically a swamp, after all.

Still, I’m not seeing the downside, except for the loss of so many great museums which would be moved elsewhere, along with one of the truly great zoos.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: Globull Warming To Flood District Of Columbia”

  1. […] tuckered out from all of that dancing, or giving 112% to everything she does.Global warming’s next target is Washington, DC. Try not to lose too much sleep over it.The Soros-funded left wing hate site Media Matters is at it […]

  2. The Watcher says:

    FINALLY, the swamp will be flushed out…

  3. Word says:

    I actually read this report……in the past you linked too.

    University of Santa Barbara did an in depth study on the Greenland Ice sheet and determined that the ice sheet never melted more the 40 percent of total mass during the time referenced in this report when the consensus was that earlier sea level rise was due to a complete lack of ice on the planet.

    Greenland, South Pole, New Jersey, Corals and Hawaii core samplings have found ample evidence of fast shifts in sea level rise and fall…..geologically and Exxon has had their own department investigating the geology and earth science of the planet for at least 30 years now.

    All in all the conclusion is that “We are still pretty clueless” when it comes to earth science, global weather shifts and rising and falling ocean dynamics.

    But the science is “SETTLED”

    Were all going to die…unless we build battery cars and windmills and stop using oil in which case we will ONLY survive IF…….

    IF we give trillions to somalia and PAGO PAGO then we will survive…but just barely.

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