Tea Party Sympathizer Threatens To Kill Gov. Nikki Haley….Oh, Wait, Sorry, I Meant Occupier

Via Jazz Shaw at Hot Air comes this story from KLTV

A South Carolina man is accused of threatening the life of Gov. Nikki Haley on Facebook, but he claims he was only making a point about free speech.

When 26-year-old Nathan Shafer heard about the arrests of 19 Occupy Columbia members outside the State House last Wednesday, he did what lots of people do when they get angry — he vented about it on the Internet. He saw Gov. Haley’s Facebook post about the arrests and Haley’s comment that she “appreciate[s] freedom of speech,” and that’s when authorities say Shafer crossed the line.

“I hope someone murders you before I do,” Shafer said he commented on the post. “How’s that for freedom of speech?”

The next day, Shafer says two State Law Enforcement Division agents visited him in Charlotte to discuss the comment. Shafer says he retracted and deleted his statement, promised he wasn’t serious and apologized to the Haley family.

If Shafer had been a Conservative and a Tea Party sympathizer, the media would be all over this, proclaiming this as PROOF that the Tea Party is violent, pushes violence, and, because Haley is part American Indian, racist and bigoted to boot. Instead, if the major media does decide to mention it (doubtful), Shafer will be portrayed as a “lone wolf” and “not part of the movement.”

Yeah, he was arrested. Verum Serum has the video.

Moe Lane says it’s a “pretty darned awful example of ‘freedom of speech’.

When can we expect Obama to go on TV and call for “civil discourse”?

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4 Responses to “Tea Party Sympathizer Threatens To Kill Gov. Nikki Haley….Oh, Wait, Sorry, I Meant Occupier”

  1. Winston Smith says:

    “assault: Law . an unlawful physical attack upon another; an attempt or offer to do violence to another, with or without battery.”
    In other words, “Freedom of Speech” says I would be held blameless if I, without cause, yelled “FIRE” in a crowded theater?

  2. Word says:

    There have been may laws passed that make it a crime to offer to do violence without actually doing violence.

    For example it is now illegal to threaten someone and then get your ass kicked because of threats or verbal abuse and then expect retribution and “INNOCENT” status as a result.

    If you rob a 7-11 with your hand in your pocket saying “YOU HAVE A GUN”…it is armed robbery rather you had a gun or not.

    It is in fact “ILLEGAL” to shout fire in a crowded auditorium the result of which could incite a mob riot which would injure or do bodily harm and physcial damage to property as the result of your “FREE SPEECH.”

    In short human beings in America need and are expected to be held accountable for their actions alongside their “FREE SPEECH” and while I am an avid supporter of free speech I also am an avid supporter of personal responsibility and personal integrity that makes the shit coming out of your mouth something that YOU are held accountable for in both the long and short term.

  3. DCE says:

    Don’t you mean “Indian American” rather than “American Indian”? They aren’t the same.

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