NYPD Moves Higher Ranked Officers To Cover OWS

One would have thought the “enlightened” liberals, who always preach on about tolerance, women’s lib, respect for others, and treating others with kindness, would have been able to have a protest movement that highlights their self promoted values. Alas, no

(NY Post) Send in the cavalry!

The NYPD has moved three elite Manhattan homicide detectives and a deputy chief to the raucous Occupy Wall Street protest in response to a rash of sex attacks, thefts and vandalism — including graffiti scrawled on the nearby 9/11 Memorial, The Post has learned.

Hey, remember how there were sex attacks, thefts, and vandalism, at the Tea Parties? No? In fact, there are serious concerns in police departments around the country over the reported, and unreported, sex attacks, violence, and vandalism that have occurred and are sure to continue.

And NYPD brass assigned the Number 2 official in charge of the Organized Crime Control Bureau — Deputy Chief Kevin Ward — to work the troublesome 4 p.m.-to-midnight shift at the park, sources said.

OWS is dealing with crime from both outside and inside. And the more wackos that show up, the more chance for something even more serious to happen.

Nearby merchants — who have complained of vandalism, theft and threats from the squatters — welcomed the increased police presence.

“It’s good for all of us,” said Stacey Tzortzatos, owner of Panini & Co. She says she has been threatened more than once, and had to shell out $3,000 to fix a restroom vandalized by protesters.

Glad to see that these Leftist Occupiers are standing up for the middle class small business owners. Of course, in Liberal World, anything that stands in the way of ….. whateverthehell they are trying to do….. will be broken.

Anyhow, what do these police think about this?

But some cops called the move a waste of manpower.

“Sending homicide detectives to investigate vandalism and lost-property cases is a little much,” chuckled one police official.

Another called it an overreaction, adding, “If you have graffiti on your mailbox, call up and see how long it’ll take to get a criminal-mischief report filed.”

Is it overkill and a waste? You betcha. It’s been a waste of manpower since the get-go, with the NYPD having to watch the Occupiers, both to stop trouble from coming to them and from them creating trouble. I suspect, though, that the NYPD wants the high end officers because of not only their experience, but, because of their reputations, when the Occupiers will surely blame them of something.

The Occupiers are costing the cities large amounts of money that, in this depressed Obama economy, they can ill afford to spend, money which could be better used for real issues. The cities are having to task assets to the occupations that would be best used elsewhere. The Occupiers do not care. Liberalism is all about oneself, with nary a thought that what they espouse, progressivism, a version of fascism, would take away their ability to fulfill their “if it feels good, do it” lives.

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  1. Adobe Walls says:

    Perhaps the police upper levels know something that isn’t apparent to those on the scene, like how many registered sex offenders have joined the Donner Party.

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