World Can’t Wait: Stop Thinking Like Americans!

Do you remember The World Can’t Wait, an unhinged group of Bush haters (one of whom was completely pwnd by both Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham)? They never were able to drive Bush from office, but, they’ve now sorta added Obama to their hate list, and we get this screed

Recently the message “stop thinking like Americans and start thinking like a human being” was posted on World Can’t Wait’s Facebook page.  The post got a large number of immediate “likes,” as did the message that “American lives are not more important than other lives.”

We phrased a little differently in the flyer we distributed at recent anti-war protests: We must stand up for the whole planet, stop thinking like Americans and start thinking about humanity.

These folks are more than welcome to move to a different country. What’s that? Most other countries wouldn’t put up with their shenanigans, and just about the only place they can get this level of Free Speech is the USA? Huh.

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