If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled car being washed through the waste of Mother Earth’s water, you might be a Warmist

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6 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. captainfish says:

    If she keeps getting in the way of the water, they will never get that car properly washed. tsk tsk

  2. PatriotUSA says:

    That’s OK by me, they can take as long as they want to wash that ‘vette.

    A perfectly good use of natural resources.

  3. PatriotUSA says:

    Hey Teach:
    If you need a laugh read this post from POORegon where I reside. These people are soooo intelligent!


    It will be post tonight on PC.

  4. captainfish says:

    Yeah, I’m not buying the whole “clean environmentally-friendly” aspect to this power generation. Granted wood waste needs to be burned, but… “an $11 million exhaust system that Lane Regional Air Protection Agency officials say is the cleanest in the state. ”

    Seriously? cleaner than gas or nuclear power generation? Cleaner than Hydropower!?!?!?!!?!

    So, how much are the taxpayers in for for the $50 million dollar plant.?!?

    If people would just allow nuclear, then they wouldn’t have to worry about the cutting of forest.

    BTW, Patriot, I used to live in Albany, OR and Longview, WA. Gorgeous area. I want to go back.

  5. PatriotUSA says:

    POORegon has little in the way of gas or nuclear, has one coal plant that is getting shuttered early rather than revamp it to burn coal cleanly, which does exist. It is spendy but it is a lot less than costly than pipe dream energy option like ‘wind ‘ power.

    What a joke.

    Actually Biomass plants do burn pretty damn clean and this probably could have done a lot cheaper but Lane county is notorious for mega stupidity and jumping into projects head first, eyes closed. Bios mass makes sense here and plant was just built in eastern Oregon at a reasonable cost, for these times.

    I am all for reasonable alternative energy but like this administration is going after it. We have tons of coal, oil, nat. gas, hydro power and we should all of these to bridge us over until someday in utopia all is perfect as the liar and thief in the White House tells it will all be. I am fortunate and blessed to live in Central Oregon now. We were was in Springfield for over 25 years and I have been in POORegon since 1978. I have seen it all, trust me.

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