Climate Alarmists Use Kids To Push Their Stupid Warmist Lawsuits

Hmm, remember how Treehugger was complaining about the use of children in advertising for the Big Flame Retardant? Will they complain about this?

A group of attorneys using children and young adults as plaintiffs plans to file legal actions in every state and the District of Columbia on Wednesday in an effort to force government intervention on climate change.

The courtroom ploy is backed by high-profile activists looking for a legal soft spot to advance a cause that has stumbled in the face of stiff congressional opposition and a skeptical U.S. Supreme Court.

Hey, I have a better idea? How about, instead of playing legal games, why don’t all these activists live the life they are attempting to push on everyone else? Yeah, I know, it’s seemingly absurd to expect the Warmists to walk the talk. Silly me.

The goal is to have the atmosphere declared for the first time as a “public trust” deserving special protection. That’s a concept previously used to clean up polluted rivers and coastlines, although legal experts said they were uncertain it could be applied successfully to climate change.

So, they want the very air you breath to be declared a “public trust”? Gee, that could never lead to any sort of mission creep, could it?

Anyhow, the Climate Morons/Hypocrites can’t win by passing legislation, as the system was set up to do, so, they have to go the lawsuit route.

Late afternoon update: Climate Change Dispatch says the lawsuits are doomed to fail.

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3 Responses to “Climate Alarmists Use Kids To Push Their Stupid Warmist Lawsuits”

  1. captainfish says:

    They already have done this to a great extent under the Clean Air Act and EPA.

  2. And the GOP elected critters need to get the roll back done. I’m not quite sure what they are actually doing 4 months later.

  3. captainfish says:

    I’d make it 6 months. They were elected in November. They then had 2 months to get their plans straight in their heads and via email. They’ve had 4 months since taking office to FLOOD this congress with bills. Boehner is in control of what gets put forward in the House… I blame him fully.

    He is another one of those Repubs who are afraid of doing anything because he “knows” that the Socialists in the Senate will kill the bills when they get there.

    He didn’t get the message last November. We are tired of “compromise”. Get the job done or get out of the way. Let someone with more balls take charge. Right now, all we’ve got is another Pelosi-light without the horrendous makeup. Still missing the balls.

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