Obama’s Weekly Address Covers Libya, Situation Just As Muddled

Well, well, well, for a change, Obama’s Weekly Address is on point, and he’s not using his bully pulpit to act as a partisan attack dog

Last week, when I ordered our armed forces to help protect the Libyan people from the brutality of Moammar Qaddafi, I pledged to keep the American people fully informed.  Since then, I’ve spoken about the limited scope and specific purpose of this mission. Today, I can report that thanks to our brave men and women in uniform, we’ve made important progress.

Yes, he has had a few minor little sound bites. Mostly, he’s sent President Hillary out to inform the American people, which is the problem. A good chunk of the populace supports military action against Libya, but, they’d like to hear from their commander in chief directly, though, this address and his scheduled Monday address will be well over a week too late.

But I firmly believe that when innocent people are being brutalized; when someone like Qaddafi threatens a bloodbath that could destabilize an entire region; and when the international community is prepared to come together to save many thousands of lives—then it’s in our national interest to act.  And it’s our responsibility.  This is one of those times.

So….then we should be intervening in Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Iran, and Darfur, among others. Might not want to set yourself up like this, Champ.

We’re succeeding in our mission.  We’ve taken out Libya’s air defenses.  Qaddafi’s forces are no longer advancing across Libya.  In places like Benghazi, a city of some 700,000 that Qaddafi threatened to show “no mercy,” his forces have been pushed back.  So make no mistake, because we acted quickly, a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided and the lives of countless civilians—innocent men, women and children—have been saved.

Well, yes, but, there is one problem with this line of thinking: would there actually have been a “humanitarian crisis?” And, is that the mission?

This military effort is part of our larger strategy to support the Libyan people and hold the Qaddafi regime accountable.  Together with the international community, we’re delivering urgent humanitarian assistance.  We’re offering support to the Libyan opposition.  We’ve frozen tens of billions of dollars of Qaddafi’s assets that can help meet the needs and aspirations of the Libyan people.  And every day, the pressure on Qaddafi and his regime is increasing.

To do what? Where does this leave Qdaffy? Hold him accountable how? Go? Not go? If he goes, where? He won’t go if he has no money and is facing international court.

Our message is clear and unwavering.  Qaddafi’s attacks against civilians must stop.  His forces must pull back.  Humanitarian assistance must be allowed to reach those in need.  Those responsible for violence must be held accountable.  Moammar Qaddafi has lost the confidence of his people and the legitimacy to rule, and the aspirations of the Libyan people must be realized.

So, if Qdaffy pulls back, he can stay? And we’re using hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment and personnel for simply a humanitarian mission with nebulous outcomes? Don’t misunderstand, a humanitarian mission is OK, if it stops the slaughter of  people…..hmm, isn’t that the stated goal of Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood against Israel? So, by this measure, the US should be doing all it can to protect Israel. Lefties, your President has just made it clear that it is time for you to put away your Jew hatred and protect Israel.

Still and all, we still do not have a clearer picture of the true reasons for going to war kinetic action, and what the ultimate outcomes are.

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