GM Cows That Produce “Similar To Human” Milk

I’m going to have to agree with Treehugger’s Matthew McDermott on this one

Details are a bit thin on this one, but my initial reaction to this is an overwhelming grossness: Reports from Times of India are that researchers in China have genetically modified some 200 cows so that the milk they produced in similar to human milk.

Yikes. Creepy. And, yes, human milk is better for young kids, but, really, after that? Weirdness sets in.

But, then, Matthew has to screw it up

If factory farmed dairy weren’t bad enough, now someone really thought it was a good idea to genetically modify the cows to produce a substance similar to something that humans already produce naturally. I suppose if you accept that factory farming is not a bad thing you’d be OK with this.

Yeah, I suppose we should go back to the old methods, where tons of people worked in the fields all day to produce less food with more disease.

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3 Responses to “GM Cows That Produce “Similar To Human” Milk”

  1. captainfish says:

    When you create a product, other people will open businesses to fulfill your supplies.

    UK created a breast-milk ice cream… thus China creates a cow that will mass-produce human breast milk.

    Amazing that this comes from UK and China, the bowels of Socialism and Communism. Not from the pinnacle of Capitalism – USA.

    Capitalism is dead. Hugo was right. We did kill Mars.

  2. I absolutely am a huge fan of Alaska, we were just watching Planet Earth and the series on fresh water really hit home

  3. I forgot to mention the Mt McKinley as being the tallest mountain in North America

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