NY Times Has A Sense Of Humor: Says Obama Owes Leadership On Gun Reform

Apparently, the NY Times editorial board, an anonymous group of people who represent the feeling and thoughts, well, being the NY Times, simply the feelings, of the paper, bring you your Thursday humor in an editorial entitled Talking About Guns.

After discussing the number of supposed gun deaths since Gabby Giffords was shot (2,400, and I’d like to see a citation for that number), they bring up Obama’s op-ed in the Arizona Daily Star, calling it a “promising start.”

It was a promising start toward a sensible discussion of gun violence, even though the president stopped short of offering a specific legislative proposal or endorsing one already in the Congressional hopper. His to-do list omitted banning the big volume ammunition magazines that figured in the Tucson massacre and a long line of other mass shootings. The magazines have no defensible use outside of combat and law enforcement.

They seem almost surprised that Obama offered no legislative proposals. Silly NY Times Editorial Board, don’t you know that Obama’s just the Talking Man, and it is for others to do the heavy lifting?

And now, the punchline

Mr. Obama owes the country muscular White House leadership to make sure his reforms happen.

Obviously, the Fish Wrap board has missed that leadership just isn’t Obama’s thing. He’s great with pronouncements, and…well, that’s about it. OK, fine, he does well holding parties for some foreign leaders and dignitaries. And greeting sporting teams. Hitting the golf course. Discussing things that aren’t a big concern to the average American. Attending parties. Blamestorming. Campaigning.

Leadership? That’s a good one, Times. Thanks for the chuckle.

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