Stage 6 Alert! Requiring ID To Vote In NC Is A “Distraction”

Remember back in the day when Democrats screamed about voting fraud? Of course, that tends to be when they lose elections. But, of course, they are typically against one of the best methods to reduce voter fraud, namely, requiring people to show state issued IDs. Something that most adults in society need, for things like driving, writing a check, applying for a loan, applying for a job, purchasing alcohol, and so much more. And then there is WRAL, which has provided a completely one sided article: Opponents speak out against voter ID bill

A group of Democratic lawmakers and local college students spoke out Wednesday against a bill in the General Assembly that would require photo identification at the polls.

House Bill 430 was introduced in 2009 but is among the priorities in this legislative session of Republican lawmakers who argue that the requirement would help reduce the chance of fraud.

Obviously, this would somehow harm low income people, and students ……. don’t students need an ID to go to school and purchase alcohol? Anyhow, here comes the main money quote

“Instead of trying to fix something that is not broken, instead of trying to do something that is not a priority right now, we should be working on putting our citizens back to work and making situations and conditions for them to get the jobs of tomorrow,” Rep. Larry Hall (Dumba** Durham) said.

Got that? It’s a distraction. You know that we’re into stage 6 material when they pull the distraction meme out, and they know they are on the wrong side of the issue.

Secondary quote

Courtney Scott, a student at Shaw University and a resident of Georgia, said the law could lead to apathy among out-of-state students who have to go through hurdles to prove their identity to get a state-issued photo ID.

“North Carolina shouldn’t hassle its citizens when they are trying to exercise their God-given right to vote,” she said.

Um, Courtney? You aren’t a North Carolina resident. That’s what “out of state” means, which further means you aren’t entitled to vote in North Carolina elections! Go vote in Georgia! If it is a federal election, send in an absentee ballot. But, suddenly it is a God given right (alas, no, it is a Constitutional provided right to vote in your own state), and suddenly a Democrat likes God.

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3 Responses to “Stage 6 Alert! Requiring ID To Vote In NC Is A “Distraction””

  1. gitarcarver says:

    That’s what “out of state” means, which further means you aren’t entitled to vote in North Carolina elections!

    Are you sure about that?

    According to, the requirements to register in North Carolina elections are:
    * You are a U.S. citizen and have been a resident or North Carolina and the county where you live for at least 30 days before the election

    * You will be at least 18 years old by the next general election

    * You are not registered to vote and will not vote in any other county or state

    * Your citizenship rights have been restored (if previously convicted of a felony)

    You must register 25 days before the election as well.

    Conceivably, one could start school around Labor Day and be eligible to vote in North Carolina elections as I am reading it.

    The residency qualifications to vote are different than that to qualify for residency for tuition purposes. Those requirements are:
    * The residence of a person is presumed to be that of the parent(s) or legal guardian. In order for a person to be considered separate or apart from their parents, they must have the capacity of establishing a legal residence (domicile) in North Carolina on their own.
    * A person must be physically present in the state of NC for 12-months prior to the beginning of the term for which they are applying. The clock for the 12-months does not start until there is evidence of residential acts.
    * A person must intend to make North Carolina their permanent home indefinitely and not only for the purpose of attending college.

    That being said, you are correct in that Courtney’s little rant falls apart if she wishes to maintain a Georgia residency. It also falls apart if she wishes to vote as a resident of North Carolina as she can register to vote at the same place she gets a driver’s license / state id which she must have if she wants to be state resident.

    Either way, Courtney is either a pawn, ignorant, or lacking in critical thinking skills.

    Maybe all three.

  2. Good seeing you, GT, been missing you around here.

    Now, the thing is, when it comes to college students, it is really, really difficult to be considered “in-state,” particularly if the money for college is paid for from out of state, and that applies for voting, along with many other things. I’ve been through it, as did many friends at college.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Greetings Teach,

    It is nice to be missed. I have been here but as unbelievable as it may sound, I haven’t had anything to say. 🙂

    My state and your state are similar in laws on this. You can be a state resident for the purpose of voting by residing instate for 30 days. For the purpose of tuition benefits, the residency rules are different.

    The reason this caught my eye was that I remember the number of out of state residents (for the purpose of tuition) that voted as residents in Illinois for Obama.

    I believe that if l’il Courtney wants to vote in North Carolina she may do so if she meets the requirements and registers.

    The kicker is that when she changes her residency in order to be able to vote, she is at the place to both change the residency and register to vote. It is the same building. It is the same place. It is the same line in the building.

    What I am trying to add to your point is that her argument is so ignorant of the facts because she doesn’t know that when she changes residency she can register to vote. It is not a hassle to prove her identity to get a state ID because when she changes residency, she gets a state ID. It happens at the same time.

    Apparently l’il Courtney thinks that one should be able to say “I am a resident because I say so and I want to vote wherever I want and you have to trust me.”

    L’il Courtney, like many college students, exhibits a child like innocence of life and a great ignorance of the facts.

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