CNN Asks The Important Campaign Question: Where Are Bush And Cheney?

Oh, my, where oh where are they?

Dick Cheney is certainly not one to hold back on how he really feels. George W. Bush, on the other hand, has been mum.

Despite their differing approaches to handling the post-White House years, their absence on the campaign trail has been obvious.

Has it? Obama and other Democrats are constantly referencing Bush, and, on occasion, Cheney.

“The former president has been very quiet since leaving the White House in 2008, other than appearances related to fundraising and the establishment of his presidential library,” said political analyst Bill Crane. “The vice president has primarily been visible on issues such as national defense and has traditionally not been the strongest fundraising draw.”

President Bush, much like Reagan, has basically gotten out of politics. He did his time, and now he wants to get on with his life. He isn’t an attention prima-donna like Clinton (let’s be a little fair: Bill had to stay in the public eye for Hillary, and her run for the Presidency. Also, it gets him out of the house. You know, idle hands, devil). Bush has always seemed to be the kind of guy who is happy just chilling at home with the wife, working in the yard, doing a few things here and there. When he is done with something, he’s done. And Cheney is dealing with his health.

“Conservatives would love to see Dick Cheney be more vocal,” said S.E. Cupp, a conservative blogger and co-author of the book “Why You’re Wrong about the Right.” “But at the same time, he’s not an idiot and neither are conservatives. He realizes that while that might energize the conservative base, that might not win over many independents who have a very bitter taste in their mouth from the Bush administration.”

And it shows in the polls.

A USA Today/Gallup Poll in early September found that 71 percent said Bush should get blame for the country’s economic troubles. A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll taken at the same time indicated that 53 percent blamed Bush and Republicans for causing the current economic conditions, while 33 percent blamed President Obama and Democrats.

Ah. I see. That was the purpose of the article, to give some cover to Democrats and Obama with a little over a week left in the silly season (well, probably more, as Democrats challenge the election results as well as complain about invented Republican voter fraud.

“President Bush’s father took a similar approach during the Clinton years,” Crane said. “Having spent some time around the family … this is more about their respect for the office … as opposed to ‘fear’ by GOP challengers and incumbents about being connected with Bush, in my humble opinion.”

When Obama finds himself out of a job on January 20, 2013, think he will fade into the background out of respect? Remember, this is the same guy who treats the Resolute Desk as a footstool.

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11 Responses to “CNN Asks The Important Campaign Question: Where Are Bush And Cheney?”

  1. captainfish says:

    Hell no. Obama will run for President of the UN.

    Has Cheney even been visible? I haven’t seen him or heard him at all. For me, Bush has been more visible and he media slams him for his not-yet-released book.

    I still can’t quite understand why Bush is getting alot of blame for this economy. Guess Repubs need to do better at explaining that while the rest of the world is looking like it is recovering, we are heading toward further and greater misery thanks to Obama.

  2. John Ryan says:

    well Captain Fish it is because under Bush the Dow fell from 14000 to 8500 while he was in office and the unemployment rate went from 4.5% to8% and was skyrocketing. In March od 2009 after Obama had been on the job for 2 months the unemployment rate was still going up sharply and hit 9.5%. It eventually went up another 1% from that but now has dropped back down to what it was like when Bush left. That is why people still blame Bush

  3. John Ryan says:

    anyone care to see pics of Bush with his feet on that desk ?
    Teach where was the OUTRAGE over that ?

  4. John Ryan says:

    But it looks like nothing provokes OUTRAGE like an uppity black putting his foot where it don’t belong. Right Teach?

  5. David says:

    I think that Chenny may be to sick to do much. He had a defib. put in a few years ago. That would indicate that his heart is very weak with an ejection fraction of 30% or less. With the passage of time, he would begin to have more symptoms associated with congestive heart failure. That would be profound weakness and breathlessness. In short, he can’t do hardly anything.

    As to Bush, john is partial correct. Bush was most definitely a liberal. He had that reputation down here when he was governor of Texas. The only good thing Bush had going for him was that he was not Gore or Kerry. But john is right in that Bush worked with the Dems in Congress to push a liberal agenda and support Fannie and Freddie and as a result destroyed the economy. What is amazing is that Obama has taken that effort and multiplied it many times over to really suck the wealth out of the country. He is following the same play book as FDR which most definitely resulted in the depression of the 30’s. John is incorrect in his unemployment estimates in that many feel that the real unemployment figure is around 20%, despite the government numbers. I know that here in LA the number is close to 25%. Regardless, the plans the O has for us in the next few months will most definitely finish off the country. Good points john. As to the shoes on the desk, I don’t know where that came from but it is obvious that Obama would make a better shoe shine boy than a president. That is not racist, just an observation.

  6. captainfish says:

    John, I have never seen that pic of Bush before, and if true, I chide Bush for that act as well. However, you can’t chide a President for using the desk as a desk. People work on it. There are eraser shavings on it probably. Probably extracted used staples all over the place at times. Maybe even some torn paper. This is the desk where the president works. It is the desk associated with the president of the United States.

    Another aspect may be the positioning of the photos. In the Bush photo, you see the people working, things being discussed and Bush thinking. The pic is taken from a behind the desk POV showing everything in a manner to show him as busy. But then again….

    In the Obama photos that I am more aware of, that got my ire, was this one, with the focus being from his shoes downward to him. To many cultures that in of itself is an insult.

    Former Pres Ford put his feet up on it as well.

    I despise anyone using the desk as a footstool, but not as a desk.

    As for your data, you are a tad inaccurate. Yes, unemployment under Pres Bush went from 4.5% to 7.5%, but also note that this was during the Democrat years in Congress who were pushing all sorts of economic damages. Pres Bush was also not helping. But, the blame, as he is on an executor of laws, can only affect job creation very little. He can however affect job loss through his attitude, words, and his demands of Congress.

    Yet, under Pres Obama AND HIS Socialist administration, and his illegal Communist Czars, has kept the unemployment near 10%. With the actual unemployment always hovering around an avg 20%. Many states are over 25% unemployment.

    Most of the damage to our economy started in 2006 and ramped up in 2008 when every Congress-critter was more focused on his or her job than the constituent’s jobs. Yet, under Pres Obama, unemployment went from 7.5% to 10.1%. That is a 2.6% increase… not a meager 1%.

    And while Canada, a more socialistic nation than we are, is said to be experiencing growth and a robust economy right now, we are still stuck in this quagmire of increased Socialism and Statism.

  7. John Ryan says:

    The Congress passes Bills not laws. The Democratically controlled Congress never was able to overide a veto and all bills that became LAW had bipartisan support before being signed by Bush. Name ONE Bill that the dems forced through Congress that became a LAW without Bush’s signature. Most Republicans went along with everything that Bush ended up signing. 2 months after Obama took office the unemployment rate was 8.6% it eventually went to 10.1% The largest increase and the STEEPEST increases in unemployment all happened under Bush
    AS you can easily see the problem started long before Obama.And none of the legislation that was passed under Bush was less than bipartisan.

  8. David says:

    First, your comment does not make sense. Next, have you paid any attention at all to the TEA party and the national concern over the fact that we don’t really have two parties? Even Peggy Noonan has come down on Bush!!

    If you look at the situation, you will find that a conservative movement is rapidly developing and demanding the return of our country. This is not focused on the Dems but on the Republicans as well. In short, you are supporting the liberal party which is clearly responsible for the mess that we are in. In fact, Fannie and Fredie are socialistic, government run institutions that conservatives hate and are the principal actors in the economic depression we are in.

    I think that we are headed to an armed confrontation and I can see all of the leaders of both parites up against the wall with the firing squad taking aim.

  9. Um, John, you said it yourself, bills become laws. So, they pass laws. Anyhow, how many did Bush veto?

  10. captainfish says:

    Anyhow, how many did Bush veto?

    None to a few, and that is why the true conservative Republicans didn’t like Bush either.

    He was just another liberal Republican in the vein of McCain, Specter and and other Constitutional Republican turncoats.

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