Dueling Addresses: Obama Whines About Education, GOP Paints His Policies As Irresponsible

Obama and Senator John Barrasso (R-Wy) offered dueling weekly addresses. Full text of both at the LA Times (love the shot of Obama with his feet up on the Resolute Desk. He has no respect for history). Links to the video are at each politicians name.

Ryan Leaf, er, Barack Obama

The other day, I was talking about education with some folks in the backyard of an Albuquerque home, and someone asked a question that’s stayed with me. He asked, if we don’t have homes to go to, what good is an education? It was a heartfelt question, one that could be asked by anyone who’s lost a home or a job in this recession.

Because if you’re out of work or facing foreclosure, all that really matters is a new job. All that really matters is a roof over your head. All that really matters is getting back on your feet. That’s why I’m fighting each and every day to jump-start job creation in the private sector; to help our small business owners grow and hire; to rebuild our economy so it lifts up a middle class that’s been battered for so long.

Me me me me me me me. Hey, the Detroit Lions and Oakland Raiders went out and fought every day, too. How’d that work out the past few years? Then more about me me me, we need even more edumacation money (probably for non-existent green jobs), followed by blamestorming

And yet, if Republicans in Congress had their way, we’d have a harder time meeting that goal. We’d have a harder time offering our kids the best education possible. Because they’d have us cut education by 20 percent -– cuts that would reduce financial aid for eight million students; cuts that would leave our great and undervalued community colleges without the resources they need to prepare our graduates for the jobs of the future.

Except, that is a rather murky claim. There is zip, nada, zilch in the GOP’s Pledge. Chump and his advisors arrive at the figure from John Boehner’s call to reduce federal spending to 2008 levels. Even so, how does the Obama proposal help people get jobs now? He doesn’t say. Because he has no clue what he is doing. To continue the football theme, Obama as president is like a Pee Wee league quarterback being drafted to be the Washington Redskins QB. Or Ryan Leaf.

Senator John Barrasso

I’m John Barrasso, United States Senator for Wyoming.

The Code of the West says “when you make a promise, keep it.”  In Washington, promises don’t seem to mean much these days.

For almost two years, President Obama and Democrats in Congress have broken their promises on jobs, on spending and on health care.

He goes on in that vein, discussing the Stimulus, unemployment, Recovery Summer, the deficit, massive spending, and Congress fleeing Washington so that Democrats could campaign, without bothering to address the looming tax hikes.

With all due respect, Mr. President, this money isn’t yours. It belongs to the American people.

The Obama tax hikes are yet another job-killing burden that the American people and American employers cannot afford. Raising taxes on anyone in the middle of a recession is the worst thing we can do.

He goes on to discuss the mess created by ObamaCare, then

The President has failed to keep his promises on jobs, on spending and on health care.  Frankly, very little trust remains.

The President’s policies are irresponsible, and unsustainable.  Worse, many Americans fear the damage done by these policies may also be irreversible.

Wait, did he just call the president irresponsible and a liar? Finally, a Republican with some cajones. Expect Obama to whine about this during all his campaign events over the weekend and during the coming week. And don’t forget the whining the MSM will do, as well.

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2 Responses to “Dueling Addresses: Obama Whines About Education, GOP Paints His Policies As Irresponsible”

  1. captainfish says:

    I think I am in love with Barrasso. A man not afraid to call it like it is. I have always hated the political niceties when it comes to facing off against the DEM lies. I have always hated when Repubs say, “I think the honorable (DEM) is mistaken in his statements…” He’s a damned liar is what should be said!!!!

  2. Igor Marxomarxovich says:

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    Product of th Indonesia school system

    After no attending US public schools someone pay for him to go to Harvard.

    Narcissistic personality disorder.

    No birth certificate

    Can not stop smoking

    Therefore, I Igor produce Obama Birth Certificate at http://www.igormarxo.org

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