John Lewis: Obama Isn’t Doing Well Because The Haters Are All Raaaaacists

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga) sat down for an interview with Der Spiegel, and offered up the typical liberal defense of Obamanomics

SPIEGEL: Were you not surprised how quickly the political mood changed in the US?

Lewis: No. It’s the first time in the history of the country that we have a black president. You have to understand that there are some people in our society that say he is not one of us. He may be down in the polls right now, but he will come back. Just like Bill Clinton came back. He’s going to campaign his heart out. (snip)

SPIEGEL: The radicalization of the right, in other words, isn’t necessarily due to the US having a black president for the first time ever?

Lewis: In some quarters, it’s true, people cannot get used to the idea that a person of color is president of the United States. People cannot get comfortable with the idea that so many people are coming from different parts of the world to America. In just a short time, America will be a minority majority, and that feeds some of the frustration.

So everything that is going wrong is because you raaaaacists are not getting in line with Obama’s America destroying policies and idea because he is Black. That’s pretty much been the Democrat argument for most of Obama’s disastrous term. It’s a lot easier for Democrats to argue by slur than attempt to defend their horrific legislation and its consequences, which most aren’t even attempting to try.

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2 Responses to “John Lewis: Obama Isn’t Doing Well Because The Haters Are All Raaaaacists”

  1. Trish says:

    This lame criticism and the constant usage of the word racist has become numbing. What I cannot get used to, is a$$holes like this smarmy elitist who thinks he knows what we think.
    They’ve done true racisim no favors.
    But it has now truly become racism- against white midlle class Americans. If we disagree with ANYthing this president and his frightening administration does, it can’t possibly be seen as policy debate. It’s gotta be because a black man’s in the White House.
    How dare these people accuse so many Americans of something, when they don’t know any of us, and don’t know what’s in our hearts AT ALL?
    I am in a foul mood today, and this has made it worse.

  2. Hank says:

    Agree with Trish.
    And yet we weren’t racists when we elected Obama to the presidency, just when we disagree with his policies.

    All told, not a smart way to convince people that your policies are worth supporting.

    Further, hey, maybe it is your policies we disagree with. Ever thought of that???

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