Snap! Let’s Cut Down 12,000 Trees For 550 Windmills

While I certainly support the use of wind power, all you climate alarmists need to realize that they just do not appear out of thin air, and there is a price to pay

The Dhule wind project brought the erection of about 550 windmills on land used by 2,000 adivasi. The tussle over the land resulted in a confrontation between stone-throwing tribesmen and truncheon-wielding police, bringing tear gas and arrests. Some 12,000 trees were cut to erect the turbines.

And, lest I forget, this story comes from India, where the project has further impoverished the farmers whose land they were forced to sell, with a promise of carbon offset payoffs. As you can guess, they haven’t seen them

The Dhule project is an example of the dark side of a new industry that harvests profits from green energy and carbon offsets through projects in developing countries. The eco-conscious buyers of carbon offsets rarely see the consequences of the projects.

But, hey, the alarmists apparently have no problem screwing the little guy, especially in 3rd world countries, in order for them to live their own high carbon lifestyles. Do as I say, not as I do.

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9 Responses to “Snap! Let’s Cut Down 12,000 Trees For 550 Windmills”

  1. Otter says:

    Ah heck, that’s Nothing! Denmark is cutting down 20 square kilometers of forest for a wind-power facility.

    babs boxer, at least, didn’t destroy any desert when she canned TEN solar power facilities.

    Gotta love that renewable energy, right, ‘lil un-Christian LIAR johnnie ryan?

    • Trish says:

      In defense of no one in particular, I remember when Boxer tried to use the desert for those solar panels, and enviro-hypocrite wackos stopped her. Because they claimed there was a ground squirrel, or whatever, that hadn’t lived in that part of the desert for years, but who might one day come back, and if the solar panels were there, they might be put out. Did they consider the squirrel maybe left in search of shade? And that perhaps it will come back if it can scurry beneath some nice solar panel shade???? Morons. I also think they enlisted the help of an Indian tribe to block the solar farm, but it could have been a separate issue, just another case of environuts blocking the very things that they profess will stop global warming.

      Seriously, I’ll look for a link that I think I saved, because for once they were doing a good thing- solar panels in desert = BRILLIANT usage of nearly non inhabitable and very sunny space!!!

  2. […] Teach has a story about the dark side of wind power: The Dhule wind project brought the erection of about 550 windmills on land used by 2,000 adivasi. […]

  3. John Ryan says:

    sure do my sleek but furry sex freak “Mr Otter” how ya doing there buddy, ? Wow i did not know that you were against logging and cutting down trees Otter. Those 20 sq km of forest? are what percent of Denmark’s forested area ? I make it at about 0.4% Or less than the total forested area in Denmark INCREASES each year.
    Otter what you have to do is start looking a bit deeper into your information sources. Just like with the arctic ice extent this year ( which is still decreasing) when you say “oh look it is less tahn these 2 years you seem to forget that this years ice will probably be #3 or #4 smallest, out of 30+ years.
    Proper analysis can only be done with an absence of emotion. Control yourself there Otter Man

  4. John Ryan says:

    TEACH LOVES THE LITTLE GUY !! those 3rd world people , who loves yeah, Teach does !!

  5. 11B40 says:


    I’m kind of a visual person. Driving across God’s green earth and seeing acres and acres of wind turbines is like getting another beating with the ugly stick. It’s like watching an endless loop of the out-takes from :The War of the Worlds. At least with billboard, someone else was paying for them. There’s got to be another way. At least with power plants, you’re passed them and they’re gone.

  6. Otter says:

    So you don’t give a damn about all that forest, ‘lil LIYING BASTARD non-Christian johnny ryan? How totally expected Hypocritical.

    Sea ice is already expanding. This August was the Coldest in 30 years. Stick that in your top-of-your-class mind.

  7. John Ryan says:

    Oh and Otter the sea ice is now at its 2nd smallest EVAH according to Watts Up
    With a fair chance of setting a new record

  8. captainfish says:

    “Just like with the arctic ice extent this year ( which is still decreasing)”

    “sea ice is now at its 2nd smallest EVAH according to Watts Up
    With a fair chance of setting a new record”

    Wrong again there bud…
    Sea Ice is growing and that looks like .. THIRD?

    And when you use the words “a new record” you might want to stipulate that that record is only for the last 30 years or so. Would actually mean more if we had several millennium of data to compare to.

    Right now, we are just in an observing stage. 2007 was just the lowest for the current dataset. NOT FOR THE RECORD OF HUMAN EXISTENCE.

    You new found “reduction” is only due to a loss of data for that day.


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