Climate Alarmists Issue Dire Warning Ahead Of Conference At Glorious Vacation Spot

Here we go again. Yet another hypocritical climate alarmist conference, though, this one is amusingly about adapting to the “unavoidable impacts of climate change.” Because the climate is just supposed to always stay stable, damnitall!

A dire warning will be delivered to Australia when almost 1000 delegates from around the world arrive on the Gold Coast next week for the country’s first international conference on the science of climate change, and how to adapt to it.

I might believe in man caused global warming, er, climate change, if I was constantly able to jet off to exotic vacation spots.

Hey, alarmists, doesn’t it seem a bit hypocritical to hold these massive conferences, where people fly in from around the world? It’s not like aviation is considered very bad for AGW.

Hey, look, they are going to have “field trips” afterwards. Several glorious days full of seeing the sights, including one called Water, Wheat, and Wine. A few extra days in paradise. And the Gold Coast Cenvention & Exhibition Centre Info is good enough to have “taxi and limousine ranks at the main entrance.” Hey, this place looks great!

Australia’s favourite holiday destination has become a favourite place to do business. Only 500 metres from the white sands of Broadbeach, the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre is Australia’s largest regional convention centre. The centre continues to be one of the most advanced venues in the country offering flexible space and maximum light coupled with advanced technological infrastructure and award winning service it’s easy to see why you will experience the difference with the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

And award winning food! Seriously, I might have to switch to being an alarmist, just for these great vacations.

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7 Responses to “Climate Alarmists Issue Dire Warning Ahead Of Conference At Glorious Vacation Spot”

  1. mojo says:

    Also, award-winning box jellyfish!

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach your argument would be more persuasive if these flights were having a substantial effect on global climate change. But they are not. Oh and May 2010 was the warmest May in the last 100+ years.
    And so far the Jan-May 2010 temps have been the HIGHEST ever recorded.

  3. mojo says:

    Recorded by who? That’s the question – other than “why is the dog vomiting on my shoes”, I mean.

  4. Otter says:

    In the last 100 years, ‘lil LIAR johnnie ryan?

    100 years? Is that all?

    How warm was this May compared to a May during the MWP?

    The Roman Warm Period?

    The Minoan Warm Period?

    The Holocene Optimum?

    Can you tell us?

  5. Otter says:

    Still waiting, ‘lil Liar. And sill waiting for that link to absolute Proof that ‘thousands’ died when that levee burst in New Orleans.

  6. John Ryan says:

    if you can’t win by arguing the facts, than all that is left is to attack the messengers

  7. Otter says:

    Keep right on attacking, ‘lil LIAR johnnie ryan. We’ll keep presenting the facts.

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