You Know The Video Where The TEA Partier Was Sucker Punched? It Gets Worse

Y’all remember this big story from Wednesday and Thursday?

A man slugged Nathan Tabor, the chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party, in the face during a protest Tuesday in Greensboro. You can hear the smack on the video and watch the man’s fist make contact with Tabor’s face.

And lots of people have. That punch is now working its way around the blogosphere, where Tabor said conservatives are calling the incident a case of liberal intolerance.

“I’ve had 5,000-plus e-mails today that I have seen,” Tabor said yesterday. “I’ve been on the phone since 6:50 a.m. this morning. I’ve done 17 or 18 radio programs. I’ve done 20 short five-minute blogger-columnist written interviews.”

Tabor is on and has been on Fox news nationally and on local television. (WT-of course, Youtube took the video down as violating their terms of service, dispite all the Jihadi propaganda and fighting videos)

And you know about

Both (Governor Vance) Spencer (he’s the typical unhinged liberal) and Tabor are charged with simple assault. Spencer is also charged with communicating threats. Both have court dates on July 7 in Guilford County.

But, did you know that a Guilford County (NC) magistrate had dismissed the felony assault charges against Spencer, and refused to look at the video, as well as refusing to listen to the police officers involved? That’s correct. Tabor was on the Morning Rush here in Raleigh (106.1 Rush Radio) this morning, and informed the audience about what happened down at the police station, after he voluntarily went with the police (Spencer went involuntarily with the police.) Guilford County is heavily Democrat. Love to know the name of the magistrate, to look up and see if he was an Obama donor/backer.

Video below the fold

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4 Responses to “You Know The Video Where The TEA Partier Was Sucker Punched? It Gets Worse”

  1. Trish says:

    Well You Tube may have removed it, but it is indelibly etched in my mind! This man is a criminal and should be arrested!!!!!!

  2. gitarcarver says:

    I asked a friend who is a lawyer in North Carolina and he said that the dismissal of the felony assault charges was the right thing. “Felony assault” requires that the person be injured badly.

    Tabor himself says that his jaw hurt for awhile. That isn’t even close to “felony assault.”

    “Simple assault” seems to be the right charge here.

  3. captainfish says:

    makes sense. Charge a man with the wrong crime and the charge gets tossed immediately before a court date?

    Does he walk scott-free? Double-jeopardy? Or, can the DA come back and tag him with the appropriate charge now?

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Or, can the DA come back and tag him with the appropriate charge now?

    According to the article, the guy was charged with simple (misdemeanor) assault.

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