Daily Archives: May 12, 2010

Guy Who Joke Tweeted About Blowing Up Airport Still Whining

Remember this guy from back in January? It’s so nice for the UK Guardian to give this gent, Paul Chambers, a chance to vent his whine My tweet was silly, but the police reaction was absurd: For one joke on Twitter I’ve had my civil liberties trampled on, and have now got a criminal record […]

Here Comes The Kerry/Lieberman Climahysteric Bill

Well, not quite a bill, more of an outline. Well, really, the outline is more of a deck, which has annoyed some climate alarmists, via Tom Nelson Twitter / Kate Sheppard – After six months of negotiations, all we have for tomorrow is a 21-page outline?!? Twitter / David Roberts – Is the EPA doing […]

The More We Learn Of Kagan, The More The Left May Hate Her

Her paper trail is somewhat thin, her judicial working experience is basically zero, and she has spent little time in a court room. That said, there is some small bit of knowledge to be gleened, and this first, which comes from the William J Clinton phalis library, one should tick off all the “abortions for […]

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