Daily Archives: May 20, 2010

New Computer Time!

Yes, my HP kinda died. Sort of. I was in the middle of something on Sunday, and it just froze. Shut it off. Restart. Windows would not restart. Tried all sorts of things. No dice. Sigh. I did manage to rescue all the data except the downloads folder and the Firefox bookmarks folder, which I […]

Oops! Scientists Kinda Prove Intelligent Design

Hmm, if Man can create new life, and is always creating new species and sub-species……. Heralding a new era in biology, scientists for the first time have created a synthetic cell, completely controlled by man-made genetic instructions, which can survive and reproduce itself, researchers at the private J. Craig Venter Institute announced Thursday. “We call […]

Draw Mohammed Day!

Yes, today is “Draw Mohammed Day!” Alas, I cannot draw worth a damn, so, how about an older Mohammed Tramp Stamp, one which was banned from Photobucket? Double alas, the hard drive on my personal PC will not load Windows, and someone took the disks or my imaging program, so, cannot create a new one. […]

Did You Hear The One About Three Illegals Busted After A Sit In At McCain’s Office?

Well, so far, the ending looks to be funny as heck A sit-in at Senator John McCain’s Tucson office Monday led to a trip to jail for four people, three of them illegal immigrants, and could now mean that they will be kicked out of the country. “We’re dedicated,” said Yahaira Carrillo, who came to […]

Now That The Deficit Is Ginormous, Dems Queasy Over Deficit Spending

So, after taking over Congress in 2007 and saying “you think you Republicans know how to spend? Bah! You’ve only learned to max out a few starter credit cards with low ceilings. We’ll show you pikers how max out the platinum cards and purchase a $500k house while making $50k a year”, now Democrats are […]

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