Daily Archives: May 5, 2010

AGW Today: OMG, Earth Could Become To Hot For Humans!!!!!

EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!! Earth’s current warming trend could bring deadly heat for humans. A new study that looked at reasonable worst-case scenarios for global warming found that if greenhouse gases continue to be emitted at their current rate, temperatures could become deadly in coming centuries. Researchers calculated the highest tolerable “wet-bulb” temperature – equivalent to what […]

Thursday Offend A Feminista (5 Images)

Shocker! AP Can’t Figure Out What Car Bomber’s Motives Were

It must be nice to be so clueless NY car bomb suspect cooperates, but motive mystery Not really. It’s the same motive they always have. To kill the infidel, to strike a blow at the Great Satan, to implement a world wide Caliphate, and to bring down the best country in the history of the […]

Two Arizona Cities Vote To Support Law Breakers

The city councils can spin it all they want, but, the net effect is to support people who are breaking the law The Tucson and Flagstaff city councils voted Tuesday to sue Arizona over its tough new immigration law, citing concerns about enforcement costs and negative effects on the state’s tourism industry. The Flagstaff City […]

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