Daily Archives: May 29, 2010

Religion Of Peace Bans Tight Skirts, Jeans

Ah, such tolerance Authorities in a devoutly Islamic district of Indonesia’s Aceh province have distributed 20,000 long skirts and prohibited shops from selling tight dresses as a regulation banning Muslim women from wearing revealing clothing took effect Thursday. The long skirts are to be given to Muslim women caught violating the dress code during a […]

Uh Oh! Nature Causing Global Warming

Somehow, I’m sure the Climate Alarmists will spin this as Mankind being at fault, or, at least, completely ignore it, Across the southeastern US, the nitrogen-fixing legume Pueraria montana, more commonly known as kudzu, has been an impossible to eradicate invader for decades. While its direct impact on native ecosystems is highly visible—a smothering green […]

Mega Media Spin: DOJ Ask SCOTUS To Deem Arizona Law About Illegals Employers Mean

If you ever had to wonder about the liberal media’s agenda, the spin on this story should lay it to rest. Starting out with the AP article linked to by NPR The Obama administration on Friday urged the Supreme Court to prevent Arizona from enforcing a law that punishes businesses that employ illegal immigrants, arguing […]

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