Uh Oh! Nature Causing Global Warming

Somehow, I’m sure the Climate Alarmists will spin this as Mankind being at fault, or, at least, completely ignore it,

Across the southeastern US, the nitrogen-fixing legume Pueraria montana, more commonly known as kudzu, has been an impossible to eradicate invader for decades. While its direct impact on native ecosystems is highly visible—a smothering green blanket that swallows up shrubs, trees and even houses—what is not as apparent is kudzu’s effect on the atmosphere. Its spread has the potential to raise ozone levels by increasing nitric oxide (NO) emissions from soils by as much as 100%. Since NO is a potent greenhouse gas, the spread of the pesky vine could be a contributing factor to climate change. That’s right: kudzu causes global warming!

As they say, read the whole thing.

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2 Responses to “Uh Oh! Nature Causing Global Warming”

  1. Otter says:

    …I thought Ozone was a good thing?

  2. captainfish says:

    no, you silly little otter. ozone in the SE United States is a bad thing. And what is worse are the pockets of increased NO in the SE United States. Now THAT is something to really worry about.

    When an increase in a greenhouse gas in one small corner in a small corner land mass increases, then you know that our global climate is in real danger.

    Except this has been going on since the 30’s. Didn’t our climate get cooler in the 70’s??? Didn’t our climate get cooler in the 40’s to 50’s?

    But, heaven forbid the original intent of farmers to increase soil-intake of Nitrogren and N-fixing bacteria.

    But, let’s analyze this non-scientific piece.
    “Its spread has the potential to raise ozone levels by increasing nitric oxide (NO) emissions from soils by as much as 100%.”

    100% !?!?!? really? What else does author of that posted blog say?

    “In the researchers’ most extreme scenario, kudzu produces a 28% increase in soil NO emissions and a subsequent spike in ozone concentrations”

    Odd. most extreme case is 28%!?!?! But, didn’t author say it HAD POTENTIAL for 100%?!!?!? Nice leap there skippy.

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