Daily Archives: May 1, 2010

Communists Protest May Day In……Iraq?

You know, this might make the deluded lefties around the world love George Bush for ousting Saddam and giving the proletariat the means to protest for equality through social justice, doing away with the exploitation of the working class, becoming a vanguard for the future…..you know, typing in Communist is hawd!!!!!! (at the 27 second […]

The Zombies Still Won’t Get Me (20 Images)

Nightmare On Elm St. 2010: The Review

Straight to the meat: it wasn’t a bad movie. The didn’t ruin it like so many remakes, but, seriously, wait till it comes out on DVD. Just not worth going to the theater, even during a matinee. It was predictable, not particularly scary, not particularly gruesome, and, gotta say, the guy who plays Freddy, Jackie […]

May Day Isn’t Just About Support For Illegal Aliens

May Day is about way more than just this Thousands of labor, civil rights and immigration activists plan to stage demonstrations nationwide Saturday, renewing their effort to pressure Congress into taking up comprehensive immigration legislation. The May 1 protests have been an annual ritual on behalf of immigration rights since 2006, when hundreds of thousands […]

NY Times: Obama Missed Chance To Act On Oil Spill

Part mega lots in the on going visibility of the biased media. Check the headline BP Is Criticized Over Oil Spill, but U.S. Missed Chances to Act Ah. The US missed its chance. Not Obama. The US. But, interestingly, in the meat of the article (Obama’s) administration has publicly chastised BP America for its handling […]

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