Daily Archives: May 24, 2010

Now A Climate Alarmist Worries About Free Speech Rights?

Aw, poor Michael Mann. People are being mean to him (some are actually being really, really mean. Read the whole story for full context) At first, Michael Mann, a Penn State professor and a central figure in the Climategate scandal, but best known for his discredited “hockey stick graph” didn’t like being mocked in a […]

Monday Beer! (20 Images)

Unhinged Over Oil Spill, Man Threatens Girlfriend With Meat Cleaver

Who wants to bet that this guy is a liberal? ‘Cause this is the kinda thing only those on the left engage in A Uniontown (Pa.) man is in prison after a verbal argument led to him allegedly threatening a woman with a meat cleaver while she held a child in her arms. State police […]

Climate Change Threatens Nomadic Mongolians Way Of Life

And by “climate change,” I mean “cold a** weather” They call it the zud, a prolonged period of heavy snows and paralysing cold that adds to the challenges of living on a treeless expanse nearly the size of Alaska. Mongolia and its 800,000 herders are reeling from the worst winter that anyone can remember. According […]

Many On The Left Freaking Out Over BP Spill, But, Can’t Quite Blame Obama

Your Monday morning humor. These same people were oh so quick to Blame Bush even before Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area, not too mention everything else. After a month of the oil spill, the desperately need someone to blame. But, it is tough blaming their messiah, The One. Bob Herbert has to include […]

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