Wednesday Ghosts And Goblins (20 Images)


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3 Responses to “Wednesday Ghosts And Goblins (20 Images)”

  1. TFMo says:

    Found a copy of Trick R Treat, as per your suggestion. Good stuff! I really likes the little bag-head kid!

    Found a good deal at Wal-mart…a horror 4 in 1 disc for five bucks. Bloody Mary (sucked, don’t bother), Memory (good if you like Billy Zane), Mortuary (ehh, the hero’s love interest was a cutie. That’s about it), and Salvage (low budget, but very well-done and an interesting storyline.)

    Not great cinema, but hey, four flicks for five bucks!

  2. Can’t beat cheap! I bought one of those 50 old horror movies for 20 bucks packs, has the Vincent Price version of The Last Man On Earth. great flick.

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