Ouch. Reuters Calls Barry The “Campaigner In Chief”

They haven’t quite noticed the Neverending Campaign, but…..

U.S. President Barack Obama threw himself into the role of “campaigner in chief” on Wednesday, making appeals for Democratic candidates in two state governor races that some see as a referendum on his performance in the White House.

Obama was to travel to New Jersey for a rally on behalf of Jon Corzine, who is locked in a tight race to remain governor of the heavily Democratic state.

The president also appeared in an ad released on Wednesday for Creigh Deeds, who trails by double digits in his bid to become the third consecutive Democratic governor of Virginia, a state that backed Obama in the 2008 presidential election but is evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans.

Obama will travel to Norfolk, Virginia, next Tuesday for his second campaign rally for Deeds.

I was able to listen to those ads for Deeds on my way to Williamsburg, Va., this morning. Good thing Obama has free time to do that and make a decision on Afghanistan…..oh, it’s one or the other? Hmm, I wonder which one he will pick?

Interestingly, it is really hard to find out what Obama’s schedule for the rest of the month is. Perhaps he wants to make sure that it is really difficult for people to see how little actual Executiving (I know, not a word) he does, and how much campaigning is occurring.

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One Response to “Ouch. Reuters Calls Barry The “Campaigner In Chief””

  1. John Ryan says:

    Obama hs doubled the troops once so far this tear. He has neen presented with 3 options ranging as high as 80,000 he must choose the one he thinks is best. However, so far our increase in the troops has NOT resulted in greater success for us. Putting our troops in harms way is something that deserves CAREFUL decision making.

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