Sniffle. Excitable Chucky Brings Da Whine

Seriously, it is just too easy. When everything is major league nuttbaggery, it gets rather hard to differentiate and pick something to excerpt and make fun of. Even the DU, Kos, Crooks and Liars, and Andrew Sullivan, among others, tend to at least stay in the realm of “just a normal moonbat” most of the time, only delving into “Totally Overboard and Outrageous Leftist (TOOL)” every so often. Alas, poor Charles Johnson, he is in TOOL mode so often, he is rarely worth the effort. So, instead, he delves into whine mode

Here’s an excellent piece on white supremacist blogger Robert Stacy McCain, and what it says about the right wing blogosphere that they’ve almost all lined up (including Pajamas Media, the company I helped found)……

Awe, don’t worry, little fella. Just because all the cool kids don’t want to play with you anymore, I’m sure Sharmuta and Killgore Trout will come by and shine your little bikey.

Charles Johnson whining

Others smacking Charles Johnson around include: The Jawa Report, protein wisdomR.S. McCain, Allahpundit, Dan Riehl, Ace, snapped shot, and the lovely Pam Geller

TFMo at Christmas Ghost has outdone himself. Here is a little taste, but, for the full size awesomeness, you have to head on over (and don’t forget to check out all the Lil’ Obama posts)

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7 Responses to “Sniffle. Excitable Chucky Brings Da Whine”

  1. TFMo says:

    Yeesh. Do I need to do another Captain Atheist cartoon?

  2. Please, please, please do!

  3. Why is it so many of us feel compelled to always refer to her at ‘the lovely Pam Geller’. I can’t shake the habit [probably don’t care to].

  4. TFMo says:

    Ask and ye shall receive! Pimp this one good for me, dude!

  5. I’m not sure, Bob. Just one of those things. We always referred to Beth At MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy as The Blog Goddess, and Michelle Malkin as the Devine Miss M. Could have something to do with a Vlog she did in a bikini at the beach 🙂

    Awesome, TFMo!

    Are your removing the NOSPAM from the address? Either wteach at or wteach at works.

  6. Blackwater says:

    Well I’m a white supremacist if that makes him feel any better. I’m extremely proud of my European heritage and think that white people are the smartest, best looking and most tolerant race on the planet. I wish more Republicans shared my views. Unfortunately barely any of them do. In fact most racists are brown skinned and extremely left wing in my experience.

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