10 Myths About Global Warming And CO2

Over at US News and World report, they actually allowed a skeptic, a denier, some face time to tell us a bit about the myths of global warming and CO2

Former Vice President Al Gore may have won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming issues, but that doesn’t mean everybody believes what Gore does: that carbon dioxide emissions cause Earth to warm. In fact, one contrarian is getting attention in Washington this week as he distributes his new book defending CO2 to House and Senate members involved in the ongoing fight over the energy bill and cap-and-trade scheme. Believe him or not, H . Leighton Steward, whom Whispers wrote about earlier this week, tells us in his new book, Fire, Ice and Paradise, about the “myths” of global warming and the damaging effects of carbon dioxide. His book is full of national and international studies, and he says that while he’s often sneered at for being a contrarian, few want to debate him directly on the issue.

Few actual climate alarmists want to debate one on one in the first place. We saw what happened when someone tried to actually question The Goracle.

From Steward’s book and our interview, here are Steward’s top 10 global warming “myths.”

Steward’s Myth 1: The planet Earth will be healthier with lower CO2 levels.
He says: More CO2 is needed to bolster plant life, which turns the gas into oxygen while also providing food.

Steward’s Myth 2: Rising CO2 levels cause temperatures to rise.
He says: Temperatures over time have fluctuated while CO2 levels have remained steady. What’s more, temperature increases have historically led increases in CO2 levels.

Steward’s Myth 10: Higher levels of CO2 than the current 385 parts per million in the atmosphere are harmful to humans.
He says: The warning level of CO2 in submarines isn’t reached until the atmosphere has 8,000 parts per million of CO2.

As the saying goes, read the whole thing (bad form to excerpt all 10.)

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4 Responses to “10 Myths About Global Warming And CO2”

  1. John Ryan says:

    RECORD HEAT WAVE in Fl !! http://www.ocala.com/article/20091013/ARTICLES/910139982?Title=Monday-s-93-was-record-heat-
    Is this any less significant than the snowed out baseball game ?
    Teach records are broken SOMEWHERE almost everyday

  2. Troy says:

    It’s hot in Florida now simply because there is tons of moisture in the air. It’s very, very humid. And as we know, moisture in the air traps the most heat. Plus, there is a stationary front parked on the GA/FL border that has been in place for quite sometime. Once it gets pushed through, Florida will cool significantly (this weekend). So your little heatwave story is about as impressive as 2 inch waves during a surfing contest at Sandy Beach, HI.

    Now, record lows are being set constantly – for the last year and a half. Do you not remember how cold it was this past summer? How about last winter? And the winter before that? And now, in Montana where records are bing smashed by more than 10 degrees.

    People, it’s time to wake up and walk outside and look at the weather. The media is beginning to take hold of the global warming scam and people are now seeing how the earth’s temps are very cyclical and that CO2 has very, very little to do with warming/cooling.

  3. John Ryan says:

    Troy my point was that records are constantly being broken, for BOTH high and low temps. Pointing out anyone is meaningless.Troy high temps are not NOT a function of humidity, heat index is. Troy the US Army considers global climate change to be a matter of national security and they are spending billions because of it here is an article about that study that is being done at the US Army War College
    Now lets take a look at H. Leighton Steward. Is he a climatologist ? NO well what else has he written ? Well 7 years ago he wrote a book about the evils of SUGAR, called Sugar Busters.
    So let’s see on one side we have Troy ( who thinks humidity causes high temps) and H Leighton Steward, and with an opposing view is the US ARMY WAR COLLEGE

  4. Yet, John, when the highs are broken, we constantly hear that this is AGW, and the Earth is going to burn, so, we must “do something,” usually involving smacking around someone else. When it is colder than usual, well, it’s just weather. Nothing to worry about.

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