AGW Today: Frequent Flyer Miles, Not Change, Are On The Wind

I really need to change my tune regarding climate change. As the saying goes, I’m doing it wrong. If I were a True Believer, I might be able to join in on all the world trotting trips!

If international confabs held last week in New York and Pittsburgh produced anything worth noting in the area of climate change, it is this: Don’t expect the world to reach a new agreement over controlling greenhouse gases in time for the United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen in December. Consensus is not around the corner, and the U.S. is not the only nation struggling with this important but difficult issue.

Pittsburg, NYC, Copenhagen. Traveling all over! Shame about the the consensus, you know, fake science, dying out, but, how do I get in on this cool excuse to travel the world?

U.N. climate talks kicked off Monday in Bangkok with leaders calling for delegates to break the deadlock over a global warming deal and warning that failure to act would leave future generations fighting for survival.

Bangkok, too?  And then, next year, we have a big one in Queensland, Australia! I’d love to go there and surf and snorkel. And Singapore! Rotterdam! And all the other cool places they visited this year. And will certainly visit next year, starting with Boulder, Co.

Then we have all those cool places they have held conferences in past years, such as the exotic vacation spot of Bali. All us skeptics and deniars get is a conference in Chicago in 2010.

But, hey, I can make up data, too, if someone will pay me to fly around the world. I can ignore natural variabilities if it gets me somewhere I can surf. I have no problem with a little scaremongering to get some frequent flyer miles. I’d sell my soul for a little $$$$. How ’bout you?

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2 Responses to “AGW Today: Frequent Flyer Miles, Not Change, Are On The Wind”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach do you think that the earth is getting warmer ? If so what do you think is causing it ?

  2. As I have written many times, I think the Earth went through a typical natural warm period, starting in the 1800’s, as happens time and time again. Man does have some small affect, particularly through agriculture. The Urban Island Effect contributes greatly to the appearance of higher world wide climate temps. There is no reason to destroy economies and people for this, though.

    Meanwhile, what do you think about all these AGW disciples running around the planet doing exactly what they say is bad?

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