Daddy Warbama Drops Stimulus Money On Kids

Nothing like a little bribe to create more little Obama zombies, eh?

A $200 back-to-school giveaway for needy kids sparked a mad rush for money on the streets of New York on Tuesday.

“It’s free money!” said Alecia Rumph, 26, who waited in a Morris Park, Bronx, line 300 people deep for the cash to buy uniforms and book bags for her two kids.

“Thank God for Obama. He’s looking out for us.”

Thousands of people lined up at banks and check-cashing shops to withdraw the cash that magically appeared on their electronic benefit cards.

Free money! Thank God for Obama! To put the Neal Boortz hat on, perhaps these mothers should have gotten an education instead of popping out a few pups they couldn’t afford.

“Rumors, there’s always rumors,” said Teresa Medina, who waited four hours at a Pay-O-Matic in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, to get $600 for her three teenagers – just in case they were true.

She has 6 hours to wait in a line, huh? No job?

The no-strings-attached money went to families receiving food stamps or welfare.

Mostly societal parasites. I wonder where the money came from, though?

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros gave $35 million toward the program, with $140 million in federal stimulus funds routed through state government making up the rest.

Now, personally, I find this a better use of the Generational Theft Act money than most of the projects, as the money is at least going to be used to purchase material goods at privately held stores, putting the money into the economy. It does more to create jobs than the other idiocy the Porkulus did. But, face it, this is a flat out bribe for people who tend to vote Democrat anyhow, via Obama and NY State Governor Patterson.

More: Um, yeah, about that program

Wegmans and Tops report that ATMs in their stores ran out of cash on Tuesday, the day the money was deposited to food stamp accounts. The county reports that employees at the Wal-Mart store on Hudson Avenue called the Department of Human Services to say they thought welfare fraud was going on because there was a run on high-end electronics.

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One Response to “Daddy Warbama Drops Stimulus Money On Kids”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Children are now “social parasites” ? And Teach since these people vote democratic anyway wouldn’t it actually have been smarter to give it to some swing voters ? Teach I am shocked shocked I say that you did not APPLAUD these women for not taking the easy way out and aborting these children who are destined now to become “social parasites”
    The uner right must always walk that fine line between accepting abortions and accepting “welfare queens”

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