Michelle Obama Did What?

Via the NY Post

Gotta love it. The guys assigned to protect her and her daughters had watch people cook because Michelle O. is too paranoid, they don’t get to eat themselves, and cellphones were taken, which, had it been Laura Bush instead, the ACLU and every Liberal would be screaming bloody murder.

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4 Responses to “Michelle Obama Did What?”

  1. jj says:

    they’ll get my cell phone from my cold dead hands….

  2. A.Darton says:

    They wouldn’t have to take my cell phone, because I would respect their privacy. I wouldn’t be taking pictures of anyone unless I ask.

  3. A.Darton says:

    And it’s not just the First Family. I wouldn’t take a picture of anyone without their permission, specially if they are sitting down having dinner. I wouldn’t want anyone doing me and my family that way. Plus this come from the NY Post, another tabloid rag.

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