What, Exactly, Do The GOP Moderates And Centrists Believe?

Every once in awhile, we are bombarded by erstwhile and wishy washy Republicans, as well as RINOs and if it endorses Democrat and votes Democrat, it’s a Democrat folks (here and here), not to mention the hoity toity left leaning MSM, that Conservatives need to embrace the moderates and centrists. For instance, Allahpundit, who takes shots at Rush Limbaugh while pushing Colin Powell’s moderate-ness

Time for another round of increasingly tedious GOP big tent/small tent navel-gazing, this time with moderates on the offensive….It’ll necessarily fall to moderates like Powell who are outside the process and have nothing to lose by antagonizing El Rushbo to push back.

And then there is Chuck “Everyone’s Banned!” Johnson

I had big differences with Colin Powell when he was Secretary of State, but I believe he’s right on the money when he says the Republican Party needs to reach out and be more inclusive. Embracing the most right-wing elements and driving out centrists and moderates is a recipe for disaster.

So, who the heck are these moderates and centrists? What do they believe? Do these centrists and moderates hold core Republican values such as limited government, reduced spending, limited taxation, adherence to the principles of the Constitution, and……. you know the rest. Not that elected Republicans actually always practice what they preach.

After that, we can discuss niche beliefs that aren’t necessarily Conservative, but tend to be held more by Conservatives, such as being pro-life, anti-illegal immigration, for fighting the war on terrorism, etc.

Perhaps AllahP, Chuck, Colin, and other’s who call themselves moderates/centrists could explain who they are and what they believe. I’m seriously interested.

The Right Knight has a long post on the subject, well worth the read.

Holy Hell tells Colin he should just switch parties already. Informally, he has. He should just make it official. We do not want to be Democrat Lite.

Wolfman’s Blog points out that Colin has already admitted to voting for many Democrat’s for president in the past.

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