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Don’t Forget To Change Your Blog Time

A little FYI, don’t forget to go into your WordPress General Settings and change the time, otherwise you are always going to be an hour behind. Also, say, what do you think about this theme? Haven’t even begun to modify, but, I thought it was an interesting change. BTW, I hate the way WP2.7.1 handles […]

Obama Exhaustion Watch: Someone Answer The Phone, He’s Sleeping

Well, you know he is just “overwhelmed” and “too-tired” G20 summit: US Treasury department won’t answer their phones, says top UK civil servant The British Government is finding it “unbelievably difficult” to prepare for the G20 summit because no one in the US Treasury department is answering their calls, Britain’s top civil servant Gus O’Donnell […]

Hey, Look, A Deadbeat Obama Artist

Without preamble ST. PETERSBURG — Jennifer Stone-Anderson says her 2004 Saturn Ion became a work of art this fall when she covered it with elaborate paintings supporting Barack Obama. But Chrysler, which financed the purchase, maintains that it’s just a car. And that Stone-Anderson has been missing payments. And that her work of “art” is […]

Obama Won’t Politicize Global Warming, Will He?

Remember, he told us that he wants politics out of science. Will he listen to anyone other then the True Believers? Climate Skeptics Challenge Obama ‘Mainstream’ Science President Barack Obama’s plan to charge for greenhouse-gas emissions and use the revenue to trim taxes might be wise if the planet were truly warming, economist Ross McKitrick […]

So You Mean Some Gitmo Detainees Aren’t Little Darlings?

When there’s important news, the New York Times is there. On Page A17 The five detainees at Guantánamo Bay charged with planning the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks have filed a document with the military commission at the United States naval base there expressing pride at their accomplishment and accepting full responsibility for the killing […]

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