Daily Archives: March 11, 2009

Comedy Tin Foil: Obama Signs Spending Bill as He Criticizes Earmarks

That last part is the actual NY Times headline, followed by President Obama on Wednesday signed an “imperfect” spending bill packed with special projects in order to keep government running, but he vowed that it will be the last one and proposed ways to curb lawmakers from abusing the process in the future. Mr. Obama, […]

AGW Today: Bad News And Turn Your Lights Off

Let’s start with the silly lights Lights on the famous Citgo sign, Zakim Bridge, Prudential Center, John Hancock Tower, and other local landmarks will “go dark” for one hour this month as Boston joins cities across the world in a climate-change campaign. More than 1,000 cities in 80 countries are expected to participate in Earth […]

Iraq Today: Aziz And Chemical Ali Guilty, Plus, We Won

They won’t be doing that ever popular short drop and a sudden stop, but Iraq’s highest court has sentenced former deputy prime insister Tariq Aziz and “Chemical Ali” Hassan al-Majid to 15 years in jail for crimes against humanity. Rather short sentences, but, there is justice. Considering their ages, they will probably die in jail. […]

Is Obama Politicizing Science? Um, Yes

When it comes to his decision to allow federal funds for embryonic stem cell research, a line of inquiry that has so far proven virtually worthless, it sure is political, writes ROBERT P. GEORGE and ERIC COHEN Mr. Obama made a big point in his speech of claiming to bring integrity back to science policy, […]

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