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Catching Up: Obama’s Wacky Organic Farm And Gordon’s DVD’s

‘Memba the deal where some environwackadoodles wanted an organic farm planted at the White House. Um, well, ya see Sure, everybody talks about how marvelous organic vegetables are these days — but have they ever seen a tomato hornworm? Do you really want that kind of monster crawling over stuff you put in your mouth? […]

The Best Airline Evah!

A BUDGET airline stewardess will keep her job despite being exposed as a part-time porn star. Ryanair hostess Edita Schindlerova, 22, secretly appears on X-rated websites posing as Edita Bente, reports The Sun. (Sun link includes NSFW topless shot) The Airline is going to keep her, figuring what she does in her spare time is […]

Aside: Releasing Gitmo Detainees

Stop The ACLU: Genius! Obama May Release Gitmo Prisoners Into the U.S.

Queen Nancy Loves Those Patriotic Illegals!

Disgusting (via Hot Air)   Is it just me, or is anyone else disturbed by the Speakerette of the House, an elected official who takes an oath with some yabber about supporting the Constitution of the U.S.A. and faithfully discharging the duties of the office, that following the law of the land is un-patriotic? Of […]

Aside: Obama’s Iran Friends

snapped shot: Obama’s Allies: Iran “Executes” Blogger Critical of Government!

Today’s Socialized Health Care Is Killer Story: Up To 1,200 Dead

Just a preview of what is to come if Obama is able to socialize/nationalize/whatever you want to call it healthcare: NHS targets ‘may have led to 1,200 deaths’ in Mid-Staffordshire NHS managers were yesterday accused of putting targets and cost-cutting ahead of patients as a report into at Mid-Staffordshire Hospitals trust found up to 1,200 […]

Pakistani’s Angered Over Potential Drone Attack Expansion

Yesterday we found out about the Obamateur administration not able to keep potential plans to expand covert operations in Pakistan secret, and, surprise surprise!, Pakistani’s are a wee bit upset Pakistan reacted with anger yesterday to an American proposal to expand its drone missile strikes inside the country against Taliban and al-Qaida targets. Pakistani politicians and officials […]

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