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“..but I finally got that squirrel strangled with my fingers”

And you thought you had it tough? Tales from the Great Depression Many wonder how they will get by if the current economic times get worse, but for those who lived through the Great Depression, self-sufficiency was the key during the hardest of times. “It was a different world then,” said H.C. Stanley, owner of […]

Obama Exhaustion Watch: Teddy’s B-Day Bash

Shouldn’t Obama be in bed if he is so tired? President Barack Obama has led astar-studded crowd in a performance of “Happy Birthday”, capping a musical birthday tribute to ailing Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.   He sure looks tired, eh?

Prince “Private Jet” Charles Says Doom Comes In 100 Months

This is the kind of stuff that makes me not take AGW Believers seriously, and shows that it is all just a farce The heir to the throne plans to use his visit to raise awareness of the threat to the world from global warming. In a speech in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Thursday […]

Cantor Calls Embryonic Stem Cell Reverals A “Distraction”

Yesterday, Dan Riehl wrote that Republicans should get off their duffs and stop playing defense If (Republicans) had the intelligence and discipline to side-step things like the Limbaugh attack they might have a prayer. Instead of engaging it, they should come back with, This is simply the Democrats trying to prevent a discussion of how much their […]

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