Daily Archives: March 25, 2009

AGW Today: Killer Whales Deal With Warming Waters By…

Heading to the really warm waters in the Gulf Of Mexico It was a fish story that even veteran boat captains found fascinating: As many as 200 killer whales feeding on tuna in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. “It was like being at Sea World, because they’d come right up to the […]

Name shame causes Cock shrinkage but Wang is on the rise

No, really.

Now Lobbyists Want In On Global Warming $$$

There is an old saying: “if you ask “why,” the answer is money.” So, why would so many lobbyists by spreading out across D.C.? Climate lobbyists are flooding Capitol Hill, and they’re not showing up in all the likely places. As uncertainty hovers over passage of an economywide cap on greenhouse gases, advocates are pushing […]

It’s Not Pretty When Even The AP Makes Fun Of The Teleprompter President

I’ll admit it. I did not watch President Neophytes soiree last night. More interesting things on TV, plus, I make my living talking. And listening to someone go “uh, uh, ah, um, ah” on a constant basis (can’t listen to Gibbs, either) makes me do it. But, maybe he was better, since he had Mr. […]

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