Now Lobbyists Want In On Global Warming $$$

There is an old saying: “if you ask “why,” the answer is money.” So, why would so many lobbyists by spreading out across D.C.?

Climate lobbyists are flooding Capitol Hill, and they’re not showing up in all the likely places.

As uncertainty hovers over passage of an economywide cap on greenhouse gases, advocates are pushing for climate provisions in less obvious spots, like legislation funding the Federal Aviation Administration. There are also opportunities for hired guns to shape global-warming language in measures about livestock management and waste disposal, among other issues.

“Climate change is like Hamburger Helper,” said Scott Segal, a lobbyist for coal-fired utilities and other energy companies. “It’s one of those popular concerns that people in any distantly related area on the Hill want to associate themselves to attract interest.”

There you go. Anthropogenic global warming, or climate change, if you will, is a popular means of generating $$$, both for the government and for lobbyists, because it is “popular.” There are two different lobbyist groups: those worried about the legislation that could either do serious harm to their businesses and/or raise their costs (meaning you, the consumer, will pay more), and those want to get all sorts of crazy legislation passed, which will, yes, raise your costs, and drive the USA back to 3rd world status.

But, regardless of what they want, the lobbyists will make some cash. All for something that is currently in the same condition as the economy.

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2 Responses to “Now Lobbyists Want In On Global Warming $$$”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Get ahead of the curve on this one Teach Begin lobbying for money for GLOAL COOLING

  2. Hell of a good idea! Might as well make some coin off of this myself.

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