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Obamateur’s Teleprompter

(click here to view) Joe LiccarGatehouse MediaMar 13, 2009 EditorialCartoonists.com Following the rules.

Dumbasses Of The Day: Bullets, Queen Nancy, Others

Dumbass 1 CAPE CORAL: Hitting bullets with a hammer in your driveway may not seem like a good idea to you. Matthew F. Dugger, 21, doesn’t seem share that opinion – at least he didn’t before Thursday Dugger was treated at the hospital after one of the bullets police say he was slamming with a […]

Oh, Goody. Obama Ticks Off Brazil, Russia May Base Bombers In Cuba

The Obamateur Hour has managed to annoy yet another ally Brazil has become a major U.S. trading partner, with cautious economic policies that have helped it weather the crisis better than almost all other major economies. With huge new offshore oil finds and abundant ethanol, Brazil could be key to helping wean the U.S. off […]

Barack “Two Face” Obama Signs Legislation Banning Fed Funds For ESCs

On Monday, The One signed legislation reversing the Evil!!!!! Boooooosh’s (I spend too much time at the DU) ban on using federal funds for embryonic stem cell research, saying he would put “sound science over politics,” and liberals/progressives/surrender monkeys rejoiced. But, they might want to hold off finishing the mary jane brownies and grape kool […]

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