Dumbasses Of The Day: Bullets, Queen Nancy, Others

Dumbass 1

CAPE CORAL: Hitting bullets with a hammer in your driveway may not seem like a good idea to you.

Matthew F. Dugger, 21, doesn’t seem share that opinion – at least he didn’t before Thursday

Dugger was treated at the hospital after one of the bullets police say he was slamming with a hammer exploded, blowing shrapnel into his leg.

Dumbass #2

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is denying Republican claims that she is partisan, saying she has been open to GOP ideas.

Dumbass #3

Infamous Nadya Suleman just closed the deal on a house in a neighborhood in Southern California and it’s already been tp’d.

Dumbass #4

A bank robbery suspect was arrested after he led police on a chase and mistakenly pulled into the Southfield police station parking lot.

Police say the man even used a Sharpie marker to draw a mustache and beard on his face to help disguise himself from investigators.

Weird #1

BIG Brother babe Chantelle Houghton ducked out of a rollercoaster ride yesterday because she was scared her boobs would blow up!

Weird #2

CANNABALISTIC squirrels are going nuts for Walkers SQUIRREL flavoured crisps.

Huh? There are actually cajun squirrel flavored chips?

And let’s not forget the Knucklehead of the Day.

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One Response to “Dumbasses Of The Day: Bullets, Queen Nancy, Others”

  1. So, are these dumb donkeys (pardon the bowdlerization) listed in any particular order? If so, how did Pelosi only end up #2?

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