Today’s Socialized Health Care Is Killer Story: Up To 1,200 Dead

Just a preview of what is to come if Obama is able to socialize/nationalize/whatever you want to call it healthcare: NHS targets ‘may have led to 1,200 deaths’ in Mid-Staffordshire

NHS managers were yesterday accused of putting targets and cost-cutting ahead of patients as a report into at Mid-Staffordshire Hospitals trust found up to 1,200 people may have died needlessly due to “appalling standards of care” at a single hospital.

Need more?

Last night patient groups voiced concern that managers who should have spotted failings at the trust but did not raise the alarm have been promoted to key jobs in the NHS and health care regulation.

And how about

The investigation into care between 2005 and 2008 found overstretched and poorly trained nurses who turned off equipment because they did not know how to work it, newly qualified doctors left to care for patients recovering from surgery at night, patients left for hours in soiled bedclothes and reception staff expected to judge the seriousness of the condition of patients arriving at Accident and Emergency.

Doctors were diverted from seriously ill patients to treat ones with minor problems to make the trust look better because it was in danger of breaching the Government’s four-hour waiting time target.

And this was only one hospital! Which had abysmal patient care, higher then normal death rates, took care of less serious patients to make themselves look good, and had the administrators getting all the better jobs. Welcome to what ObamaCare will be like.

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